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2nd 40 to 420, the Farm is a family owned business that was born when the 2nd 40, purchased the land. You see, the current head of the farm Amy Ward and family purchased the land from her parents. When those 40 acres became hers and Virginia legalized cannabis, the cannabis farm was born. 

The story is in the name: 2nd 40- Amy’s parents were in their 40’s when they purchased the land, and Amy was in her 40’s when she purchased the land from them. To 420- the land was initially purchased to plant and sell christmas trees, and when Amy and family purchased it, she turned the farm into predominantly 420. 

Recently, I checked in to check out the cannabis friendly bud and breakfast. My review is below.

About Pamplin Virginia 

Before the farm, a little about the area the farm is located in. Pamplin, VA is a town in both Appomattox and Prince Edwards counties, about 3 hours east of West Virginia state line, and about 3 hours west of Virginia Beach. 

Appomattox, is the next town over, in the county of Appomatoox. The area is historic; this is where the American Civil War ended in 1865. In the area, visitors will find a lot of education regarding these events, small shops, restaurants, and department stores. 

Being in Pamplin means you’ll visit Appomattox for things to do, but I’ll point out that Pamplin has a lot of battlefield attractions and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. If that’s your thing, then you’ll find plenty to do in Pamplin.

Cannabis Friendly Bud and Breakfast on a Farm

2nd 40 to 420 sits on 40 acres. The farm is home to cannabis and various plants, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a very scenic and green place with birds, deer, and rabbits. Walking around means seeing and hearing chickens, dogs, and ATV’s. This is a farm experience afterall. 

The bud and breakfast accommodations include both campers and yurts. The campers are at the top of the property, positioned next to each other. Surrounding the campers are the greenhouse, chicken coop, and the garden. 


At the bottom of the property is the yurt village, tucked in and surrounded by a creek, huge trees, and various brush. Upon check in, guests receive a variety of cannabis offerings: flower, edibles, papers, ashtray, and lighter; and each morning, breakfast is delivered from Amy’s kitchen (dietary accommodations are made for those that have allergies, are vegan, gluten free, etc.).

Throughout the day, guests can hang out at the hammocks, down by the creek, at the pool, play with the friendly dogs, or simply hang out inside their camper or yurt. Pamplin isn’t far from Richmond, the capital of VA so, guests can even take a day trip to Ricmond, and be back to catch the sunset on the farm. 


Photo of cannabis tray by the author, with the goodies included with each

My Experience at 2nd 40 to 420, the Farm

I stayed in one of the campers. My camper had a bathroom, kitchen, 3 beds, staykitchen table, a sofa, a television, and air conditioning. I was greeted by Amy, who is always smiling. When guests check in, she gives a tour of the land so that guests are familiar with the 40 acres. 

Amy provides helpful info, advises if anything is happening on the farm during the stay (this is a working farm), and answers any initial questions. You’ll learn more about the area and things to check out. Amy says “everything around here is on an ish schedule”, when you check in, she will explain what that means in more detail, for now I can say: breakfast is usually around 9am ish. 

I spent my first night inside the camper and spent my first morning outside of the camper in what feels like a patio. I had breakfast under the morning sun with the dampness of the grass in between my toes and butterflies flying around. I spent the first afternoon smoking under the trees while laying in a hammock listening to nature sing 

Photo by Author

I made second night plans for dinner and a movie outside by projector, but the rain came through with other plans so, I spent my second night sleeping inside the camper under the rain. It was relaxing. 

I was able to get some work done thanks to the wifi connection, and I met some amazing people in cannabis while there. Amy hosted a couple gatherings during my stay and her community is as warm as she is. I recommend this cannabis friendly Virginia bud and breakfast. Want a sneak peak? Check out this video and when you’re ready to book, head over to bud and breakfast.




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