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The Clarendon Hotel and Spa by Greentree in Phoenix, AZ is a boutique hotel (a small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location) located in the heart of Midtown, Phoenix. The area seems far enough from the noise, but close enough to it, giving all the glory of something for everyone, on and off site. When I heard that there was a cannabis friendly hotel, I got with Bud and Breakfast about heading out to Phoenix to “check in” and experience this cannabis friendly hotel. Cannabis lovers everywhere need to learn about this place! Allow me to take you inside, via my experience and review.

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa- Arrival/Check-In

I arrived in Phoenix in the morning and got to the hotel just before lunch. When I approached the building, I noticed plants, water, music, and the scent of the onsite restaurant getting ready to open. I walked into the lobby and was greeted by friendly faces that offered water before asking how they could help and I loved that because- Phoenix is HOT. 

The lobby area has conveniences like: computers for guests to use, a microwave, and a coffee and tea station. Unlike some hotels- the elevator is literally just right of the check in station. The lobby is the heart of the hotel; it’s the access point for the spa, the restaurant, and the pool. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo of lobby area

The check in process was easy and helpful. The hotel provides a small pamphlet which serves as a guide to the hotel, spa, restaurant, lounge, and Midtown- which includes information about local dispensaries.  Once I was checked into my cannabis friendly suite, I headed up the elevator with excitement beaming out of my pores; this was my first ever 420 friendly hotel visit and experience! I was so eager to get in there, check out the suite and the entire hotel, and get to a place that I could load up on flower so that I could freely create clouds in my suite. 

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa Cannabis Friendly Suites 


The cannabis friendly suites are located in the exterior section of the hotel. The Clarendon is like a hybrid: motel and hotel at the same time. The cannabis friendly suites are motel style from the exterior, but the suites are hotel style inside. My suite had views of the pool and the rooftop deck, came equipped with a futon, a table and 2 chairs, 2 stools, a king bed, TV’s, and all the basic amenities of a 3-star hotel. I love a hotel suite that doesn’t have carpet and this one didn’t so, extra point there.

Something important to note, the suite didn’t smell like smoke; it didn’t look like a stoner cave and wasn’t down below or in the back somewhere. It was clean, comfortable, with a fresh scent, and blended in with the other rooms. The Clarendon proves that smoking and nonsmoking accommodations can be made possible under the same roof. 



Bedroom- cannabis friendly suite


The Clarendon Hotel and Spa: Pool and Rooftop 

The hotel offers cannabis friendly suites but it’s important to note that the hotel doesn’t allow smoking of any kind in public spaces such as the pool and the rooftop. To be fair, because these are public spaces, they also don’t allow speakers. And these rules don’t impact the overall vibe because smokers get it, not everyone smokes or likes to be around it. And most people understand that headphones are likely best in public spaces because not everyone wants to listen to your music or conversation. 



                                                                                          Photo credit: the Clarendon Hotel- image of  rooftop deck

The pool is the heartbeat of the hotel. Guests and members (the Clarendon has a membership for locals)  were gathered around the pool as early as 6am. That seems early but in Phoenix, a place where 90 degrees can hit you as soon as the sun rises, 6am at the pool is the way to do it. I loved the pool area too; it is a beautiful space with chairs, benches, and cabana’s. It is lit up with fun vibrant colors and a runway- well- that’s what it served as for me (lol). I walked on the colorful block that separates the pool and jacuzzi as if I was on Top Model (lol). 

One of the best things about my cannabis friendly suite was the location, I never had to be at the pool, to catch the vibe at the pool. My room was located with a view of it and so, it felt like I was always there.




Photo of pool from my cannabis friendly suite


The Clarendon Hotel and Spa: Lazy Bee Spa and Fuego Bistro

My first meal in Phoenix was from Fuego Bistro, located onsite at the Clarendon Hotel (though not owned by the Clarendon Hotel). It’s a latin restaurant leaning more on the Mexican/Tex-Mex style foods. Their menu lacked vegan options but had vegetarians covered. Vegans have to be a bit careful because the things that may appear vegan, aren’t. For instance- rice and a side of beans may seem like a safe vegan option but, the rice is cooked in animal broth.

I was able to order veggie tacos- no dairy- with a side of black beans, and an only greens and other veggies salad. Cool things about Fuego: guests staying at the hotel get 20% off their bill, there are indoor and outdoor dining options, and if you’re there on the right nights, you’ll be serenaded by the pianist.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo of Fuego Bistro: Open Table

My stay at the Clarendon was also my pre-birthday celebration and Bud and Breakfast was so kind and gifted me with a therapeutic massage at Lazy Bee Spa. My massage therapist Alma was phenomenal but the spa was equally phenomenal. Small, cozy, and beautiful, the spa is within the hotel but really feels as if it’s not. 

The spa offers a line of products that guests can purchase, and you get a nice sample of the products with the treatment you choose. It doesn’t matter how you walk in, you’ll walk out feeling so relaxed- and able to top off elevation with smoking a blunt/joint/bowl when you get back to your room. That’s what I did!      Also, you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to benefit from the spa, so, locals, it is available to you too. 



The Consumption Lounge at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa: Elevations Lounge 

Guests can smoke in their rooms or hangout with other cannabis lovers in the onsite consumption lounge: Elevations. I love the lounge so much! Cannabis lovers can purchase CBD products and cannabis accessories, the lounge appreciates education and so, there are books and magazines all around, there are games, TV, and music. The vibe brings in guests, and members and definitely elevates whatever high is already in the space. 



The reception area at Lazy Bee Spa


Me in the Clarendon Hotel’s  Elevations Lounge


A couple things to note about the lounge: guests have to complete an entry/access form. Though there is an outside deck but cannabis consumption on the deck is not allowed at this time. No cigarette smoking inside the lounge, though, outside on the deck- cigarette smoking is allowed. And when you’re there, you have to ask for Bobby and Heather- they are so amazing and make sure that visitors are happy and comfortable. 


Final Words


More than a hotel, the Clarendon is also an event space. The rooftop and the lounge can be booked for private events. I recommend the Clarendon Hotel and Phoenix for a nice canna getaway. While in Phoenix, I was able to tour a large cultivation facility-  Shango. Phoenix is growing some nice flowers! 


Thank you Bud and Breakfast and everyone at the Clarendon for making my stay one heck of an experience. 

Book your Phoenix stay at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa by Greentree, via the Bud and Breakfast site.


Veronica Castillo, also known as the Traveling Cannabis Writer, lives on the road covering people, places, and things in cannabis, hemp, and overall plant medicines. Her work can be found in industry publications like: Leafly, MJ News Network, Grow Magazine, and Skunk Magazine to name a few. 


You can follow her journey on Instagram: @v2_traveling_veg_canna_writer and on Twitter: @vcannavegwriter

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