Weed and Wine Tourism in California 

We all know cannabis tourism is taking off like a rocket with travelling picking up again and weed and wine tourism in Northern California is really popping! We are excited to welcome new hosts and offer your activities to visitors. Coming as a guest? We offering you more listings than ever. Every week there are new articles, interviews, and TV shows presenting the pluses of 420-friendly travel, tours and activities. Traveling with weed is dangerous, instead travel to weed and stay in one of our thousands of locations worldwide. When searching, here’s a search tip Cannabis Provided, its been the go-to search term for website visitors for years.

Stay and play with Bud and Breakfast 

Weed Tourism in Mendocino

In our new activity section on Bud and Breakfast, you can add dispensary visits, educational events, yoga and mind/body classes, cooking, or in the case of one of our Mendocino County, California friends, Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tours , offer weed tours to grows with stops at dispensaries. Add on a stop in the Sequoias, another cannabis lounge or private wine tasting or for the ultimate time, book a private tour. You could, for example, take your engagement photos in cannabis fields. Cannabis weddings are going to be big as well. Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tours also offers San Francisco Cannabis Tours. Start at a San Francisco cannabis lounge and visit dispensaries in the city. Weed, wine and cannabis tourism all in one booking. How easy is that?

Mendocindo Experience Cannabis Tours Happy People in Weed grow California

Where to Stay and Play for Weed and Wine Tourism 

We have dozens of hosts waiting for you in Northern California. Let us suggest the following: Stay at a Bud and Breakfast centrally located between Mendocino and Humboldt. Take a tour to Mendocino. Taste, sample and buy some weed, then do the same in Humboldt and then do a comparison of the two.If you drive up and try Trinity County, California weed, you’ll have hit all 3 corners of the Emerald Triangle being Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you get back! Next time bring them along to visit Napa Valley and try the weed and wine there.

Here are two Bud and Breakfasts in Northern California we think you’ll like:

Mendo Green Goddess Studio NorthYour hostess, Annie, is an experienced and well known herbalist, a trained nutritionist for over 40 years, and can teach you how to eat better, use medicines for your specific needs, and most importantly how to make your own medicines, health-giving recipes & goodies for fun or health. Annie is the also the proprietor of the Cannabis Culture Museum, an extensive collection of 1960’s present time paraphernalia and art. She hosts a modern studio, with a full kitchen. Sustainable lifestyle solar powered, grey water, compost toilet, the studio and Annie, are located in Willits, California and is close to the start of Mendo Experience’s tour.

mendo green goddess studio, Cannabis tea Willits California

Closer to Humboldt and highly recommended, is lovely Riverbar Pharms with goats, horses, cows down the road. They recommend taking a joint and then strolling down to see them, but sitting and chilling could be just what you need. Try the 420 Elevated Cocktail Hour with mocktails and munchies, infused or not. With a professional chef onsite, Riverbar Pharms is a great place to rent out with friends, have a retreat, or honeymoon. Arrange a cannabis tour with the owners’ friends at Humboldt Cannabis Tours and they can get you on tours that might not be available online. Finally, one of the owners, is a Southern Humboldt Master Cannabis Cultivator, knows the ins and outs of the industry and can tell some stories. 

Riverbar Pharms cannabis rental family looking at cannabis product display CaliforniaBedroom at Riverbar Pharm cannabis friendly rental California

Grab a joint and listen to history. These are one of a kind hosts and locations which you will only find on Bud and Breakfast.

How to Book Your 420-Friendly Vacation and Cannabis Tour

Go to our website, search for California, narrow it down by putting in Willets, California and all of our hosts and listings in the area show up. Simply select the property you are interest in and book your cannacation. Both Riverbar Pharma and Mendo Green Goddess Studio will show right up. We’ve got a great blog post for you to read and share. “What’s a Bud and Breakfast?” will answer your questions, in 4 points. 

When to Book Cannabis Tours and Vacations

Anytime is good, but if you go a few times in the next months you can really follow the plants from seed to harvest. Watch the plants turn beautiful colors during budding or flowering stage and follow how much they have grown from week to week. 

Who Are Weed Tours For?

You, if you’re over 21, all tours are open for you! Weed tours usually start with a stop at a dispensary, give you the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts. Everyone smiles. Cannabis vacations, and tourism are for you and your significant other, friends (arrange a private tour with lots of dispensary stops), company retreats, business exploration, and the cannabis curious. Our property hosts will all have their own house rules and you’ll want to read those before booking. 

Why Learn About Weed and Wine Tourism?

Weed tourism, cannabis travel, is the wave of the future and you can go back home and share what you have learnt. The more cannabis is normalized the faster complete legalization will happen. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, a medical marijuana patient, refer to yourself as a stoner or all about the terpenes, a closet grower yourself, the experience of visiting a grow is not to be missed. There is nothing like seeing rows after rows of cannabis or industrial hemp, and we guarantee you’ll be impressed. 

Read More About Weed, Wine and Tourism

Pick up the June 2021 edition of Wine Spectator. If weed, wine and tourism are talked about in this magazine, you can trust cannabis tourism is the future. 

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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