Cannabis Consuming Travelers

With monumental movement in the adult-use marijuana industry, options for cannabis consuming travelers are open for both cannabis enthusiasts and “ganjapreneurs” alike. Cannabis tourism is specifically for providing marijuana aficionados with unique traveling experiences. Currently, 16 states and Washington, DC, welcome marijuana for recreational use; with medical marijuana  available in 36 states. Today, April 21, 2021, Virginia’s Governor signed into law, permission to have 1 oz. on property and grow up to 4 plants (which will definitely yield more than an ounce growing in good Virginia red soil).

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Our Option for the Cannabis Consuming Traveler. 

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Is us! On our website, Bud and Breakfast we feature ONLY marijuana-friendly accommodations. Our search directory is as easy as a touch on your screen to use for looking and booking. Instead of a hotel where you’ll worry about the smell and whether a towel under the door will stop it, enjoy the freedom to smoke in your kitchen, balcony, or front porch of your cottage on the beach in Jamaica.  While each host sets their own rules, most allow smoking everywhere. Enjoy! 

Know Your Cannabis Consumption Laws

There are strict cannabis regulations in place, and it is always best to check before you go and verify after you arrive.  For example, it is currently illegal to consume your weed in any public place or venue. Marijuana is being looked at somewhat like alcohol and like alcohol, it is not legal to ingest cannabis while driving. Conversely, while it’s easy to drink in public facilities (such as bars, restaurants, and hotels), marijuana consumption is not currently allowed under law in any public place.

What other options for cannabis travelers are there? 

There are many options for cannabis travelers and this is where cannabis tourism comes into play.  We recently started listing activities on our website, where you’ll find marijuana tours that include pick up at the airport, private limo, completely equipped with everything a cannabis enthusiast needs, which you can consume in the limo. If you’re in San Francisco, there is a really nice consumption lounge attached onto a dispensary, Moe Greens. You can purchase dabs, joints, and enjoy your high there. While they do limit your time in the lounge so others may enjoy it, it’s extremely pleasant to come in off the street, and smoke a joint before going back out and using BART. Unfortunately, the lounge is closed due to… you guessed it, Covid. Here’s an in depth article from Daisy Barringer for Thrillist: Everything You Should Know about Moe Greens

Moe Greens San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary and Lounge, California

Join a party bus for marijuana smokers and dabbers with stops at different dispensaries for you to purchase different strains. Or, organize yourself a cannabis concierge to show you to the best dispensaries, products and the town, as well as activities focused on wellness, CBD, touring grows, making your own products, fitness, sports and more. Do you, or could you, offer any activities related to cannabis? Wellness, active and introspective activities welcomed. 

Cannabis Lounges and Coffeehouses with Cannabis Consumption

There are some lounges or clubs you can join to partake in the USA. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are similar in so far as you purchase your flower or hash at the coffeeshop and the go across street or find cannabis friendly place to smoke. Smoking a joint in Amsterdam, watching the crowds go by and gawk through the windows is the best. Hopefully, in 2022, we’ll have those here in the USA. Specially designated locations where cannabis consumers can enjoy their ganja in comfort and privacy as well as being great places to meet and interact with other weed enthusiasts. 

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In Canada, they have it going on! In British Columbia cannabis consumption is permitted anywhere tobacco smoking is permitted, but not where children are present (beaches, parks, playgrounds) or in vehicles. Across the country in Newfoundland & Labrador, it’s allowed in private residences only. If you’re in Saskatchewan, you can buy from a private seller, including an online store. But in New Brunswick, sales are restricted to government-run liquor stores.

Concluding Options for Cannabis Travelers

It is important to fully understand what the laws are regarding cannabis usage in any state or country in which you are planning a vacation. Being responsible and well-informed will make for an enjoyable experience in the long run. 

We encourage you to browse our site for our new listings and activities. Spread the word that New York, New Mexico, and Virginia are open for hosts and guests. Join us in the exciting cannabis tourism market.

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