Answering the question, “What’s a Bud and Breakfast” in 4 points.

Here’s what’s covered below: what’s a Bud and Breakfast, who are the hosts and guests, where are they located, how do I choose, & when should I book and here are the answers: cannabis welcoming rentals, 420-friendly enthusiasts, local and international, looking and booking through us, and now. Where do you fit? Looking to host, or for a relaxing location to enjoy some marijuana in peace? 


Pick a state, city or country & start your dream vacation wishlist.


What’s a Bud and Breakfast? 

A Bud and Breakfast is a cannabis friendly platform with accommodations for people who love their weed but not traveling with it. Bud and Breakfast is a start-up, established in 2014. Bud and Breakfast offers instant access to safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodations worldwide. Guests get choice and convenience, and owners get exposure of their properties to premium travelers. Travel to marijuana, don’t bring it with you. All of our hosts allow cannabis consumption, at the minimum, outside only, but some listings come with everything. Welcome baskets, dab bar, smoking and vaping setups, infused dinners and foods available, tours, grows onsite. 

Bud and Breakfast website landing page 420-friendly vacation rentals

Who hosts or visits a Bud and Breakfast? 

Our hosts are all welcoming of marijuana and hemp, are all ages. Some are growers, some have been around marijuana for years and years, some are names in the industry, but one thing you can be certain of, no matter if you are a host or a guest, people who smoke weed are friendly, happy and don’t get into fights. Our guests are people who are enthusiasts or patients, wanting to go on a vacation with their medication. Search for “Cannabis Provided”.

cannabis provided bud and breakfast menu search properties

Where are Bud and Breakfasts? 

Bud and Breakfast has hosts across the globe. Greece, Uruguay, South Africa, Canada, Hawaii, & many legal states. Welcoming Missouri as our newest state, as well. If you live or know someone who lives in any of our newly legal states, become a host. Cannabis tourism and people looking to stay in 420-friendly accommodations is exploding in popularity. Whether you want to camp in Ibiza, stay on the beach in Uruguay, or explore the outdoors of Canada, we have a place for you, no matter what your budget or amount of people you are traveling with. 

How do I choose a Bud and Breakfast? 

The answer to the above is, it’s hard! We suggest deciding what area you want to stay in. Or what you want to do. We’ve added the ability for hosts and locals to add activities on our website. As a host, what do you offer that makes your listing stand out from the others? Do you offer a guided trip to a dispensary? Welcome gifts for your visitors? As a start-up tour or event consultant, what can you offer to visitors? Bike tours? Guided city tours? Lessons in how to cook with edibles? How to make your own cannabutter. Visitors are looking for all of these. Puff, Puff, Pass to an art class. If you need any assistance, please contact us. 

When should I book a Bud and Breakfast? 

Book a Bud and Breakfast as soon as you have your plans firmed up. Going to Jamaica? When? What’s important to you as far as where you are staying? Our favorite to search for is “Cannabis provided”. Are you already planning your must attend concerts? If you are staying in the Boulder, Colorado area and planning on going to Red Rocks (concerts up and listed) Bud and Breakfast will be having all-inclusive bus shuttles to Red Rocks & concert venues. The best way to get to concerts and back. 

Red Rocks Colorado Bud and Breakfast cannabis tour

We hope all your questions have been answered, if not, please contact us on any of our social media platforms and keep your eyes open for contests. Are you following us on Twitter, (we’re @bud_breakfast) and Facebook and Instagram (as @BudBreakfast)? Please do! 


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