Cannabis Tourism, Canada and Covid-19

Cannabis tourism, Canada and Covid-19, one of those things doesn’t belong and it starts with a C-o instead of a C-a. Bud and Breakfast, established in 2014, knows cannabis tourism, and has listings across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. What’s your dream 420-friendly vacation? We’re talking Canada today but as their borders are closed to everyone, it’s a good time for a Canadians to take a Canadian Cannacation. Bud and Breakfast is unique as we have international listings, not only Canada, but Spain, Netherlands, South Africa and others. Browse our website, but be sure to block off some time, you’ll find so many places to bookmark, then when you’re on the main page, search for “cannabis provided” and if that’s part of your dream, let’s fulfill it. Even if it’s just across town or down the street.

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Cannabis Tourism

How much of the predicted $73.6 billion cannabis market will tourism claim? That depends. According to what we know about Colorado tourists, 6.2% come to the state mainly for marijuana. Colorado is not set up as cannabis friendly, even though Amendment 64 was to regulate cannabis like alcohol. Here’s a comparison of Colorado and California. Colorado does not have the equivalent of a bar, where you can go in and relax with a joint. At all. California has smoking lounges, it’s possible to purchase your flower, or concentrate & sit down and smoke right there.

Where would you rather vacation? A 420-friendly condo or a hotel, where you have to worry and put towels by your door? When you think of Amsterdam, what comes to mind? Red light district and…… coffeeshops, restaurants/bars where you can sit and smoke (and usually the spliff’s that Europeans like so much (pot and tobacco) aren’t allowed). Do you think of Barcelona when you think of cannabis tourism? Spannabis is the largest cannabis event in Europe and Barcelona welcomes smokers into their cannabis clubs. In Canada, you are allowed to smoke marijuana anywhere you can smoke tobacco, even on the street.

Cannabis smoking zone, photo by David Bloom, postmedia

Cannabis Tourism in Canada

As with many countries, there are still things to work out. What’s allowed? What’s not? What about delivery? How is this tested? In Canada they are having growing pains and many are still getting their flower from their local grower or caretaker. In this opinion piece, from the Edmonton Journal: “Encouraging Cannabis Tourism and Hospitality will Diversify the Economy” by Nathan Mison, he opines that Canada should welcome cannabis tourism to boost their economy.

“At a time when policy-shapers are looking for new ways to generate economic growth — particularly for the struggling tourism and hospitality industry where some businesses are reporting losses between 61-100 per cent — there is ready-made opportunity within the cannabis sector. All it will take to unleash this economic opportunity is a little creative thinking from policymakers and some red-tape reduction — particularly at the provincial level.”

He’s right, the time is right and the need is there. Who will be the brave town or Province to welcome marijuana tourism? 

Imagine seeing the sign above, welcoming you to smoke and vape at a concert. Or hockey match. Or attending a Farm-to-Table summer, outdoor dinner with homegrown pot, fresh fruit and vegetables from onsite gardens. Good for Canada, good for business owners, good for visitors. This is the way to move forward. We have multiple listings across Canada, whether you want a big city or quieter cannabis vacation, you’ll find one on our site. 

Cannabis Tourism in Canada during Covid-19

Unfortunately, Canada is closed. No one other than can come into the country, but that doesn’t mean Canadians can’t book a Cannacation in Canada. Here are two to tempt you: 

Located in Tiell, British Columbia, here’s Chateau Norm. 

outside lake picnic resort cannabis

And on the opposite of the great country of Canada, in Bonne Bay Pond, Newfoundland, here’s Hatfield House , you’ll really like this listing if you’re interested in tours, having a personal chef to prepare infused dishes for you, and cannabis waiting for you when you arrive.

Hatfield house on lake, newfoundland, Canada


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