Vote Marijuana This November

If you live in, or know people who live in New Jersey, Mississippi, Montana, Arizona or South Dakota, below you’ll find all the basic information you need about how to vote marijuana as well as good talking points to convince your friends, family and relatives. Five states, five important ballots. Five reasons to list your getaway 420-friendly apt in these new adult use states and after November 3, a minimum of five reasons to take a cannacation and do some weed travel yourself. Whether you’re looking for a studio or 8 room ranch, we have a place for you to stay for your weed travel. Bud and Breakfast has international listings, this winter there is no reason for you to freeze in New England, go south to South Africa, we have 6 listings to choose from. You need a vacation from politics!

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Vote Marijuana in Arizona

Prop 207 will allow for possession and adult-use of recreational marijuana for anyone over 21. More importantly will allow anyone convicted of some crimes (a joint in the pocket) to ask for expungement. Prop 207 also allows for individuals to grow their own cannabis. We feel this is something that every person should have the right to do. Read more at BallotPedia

While you’re talking about voting for 207, keep in mind how many people will be coming to visit and looking for a place to smoke weed at. Do you have an empty rental, or bedroom that you’d like to list? Put your listing up for as soon as possible and have it ready. Snowbirds are going to snow and seniors are smoking a lot of pot.  

Vote Marijuana in Mississippi

Mississippi and marijuana, in the same sentence, hard to believe, but Mississippi is voting for medical marijuana. To make it simple for voters and people talking to people in Mississippi, you want to vote, for Approval of Either, on the first question and For Initiative Measure 65, on the second part of the question. A group of conservative voters (read Marijuana Moment article and shake head) got together and added an Alternative Measure 65 and have made ballot very hard to read and place vote. Both questions must be answered. The article, with mockups, breaks it down for you. Thank you Mississippians for Compassionate Care. If you vote in Mississippi, you must fill out and answer both questions on Ballot Measure 1, yes, for approval for either of them and then below chose for Initiative Measure 

Opportunity for you, friends, family to be the first to open your home up to other weed smokers. Share your knowledge with your guests, talk up marijuana and help normalize it. Don’t pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Vote Marijuana in Montana

In Montana it’s all about voting yes on Constitutional Initiative 118 (CI-118), which amends Montana’s constitution to no consumption until 21 or over and Initiative190, which legalizes possession, use and cultivation. Montana is such a great state, they are putting 50% of the public revenue from marijuana sales toward environmental causes. And they are putting a 20% tax on all adult-use purchases. Read, “Montana Marijuana Legalization Initiative Endorsed by Environmental Conservation Groups” by Kyle Jaeger over on Marijuana Moment. This chart by Public Lands Montana is from the same article. 

chart marijuana tax revenue Montana

State and local governments together get about 10% each, but 80% is going to veterans, substance abuse programs, seniors. Montana knows how many tourists their state draws and why most of them come and it’s for the nature. It is “Big Sky Country” after all. Yellowstone. Glacier National Park. Getting outside is getting more and more popular. And getting high in the outside is getting more popular as well. 

If it says Libby, it must our listing for Evergreen Motel in Libby, Montana. Evergreen Motel is an updated and refreshed retro motel in a small town. Fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities available. Take Amtrak, it stops in Libby.  Explore Montana. Vote marijuana. 

Evergreen Hotel Libby Montana Bud and breakfast rental blog

Vote Marijuana in New Jersey

Voting for legalization of marijuana for adult-use over 21 year olds, is as simple as selecting, yes, on Public Question 1. BallotPedia shows that a sponsor of Public Question 1 and adult-use approval is a company that has been in cannabis for years but is just now starting to publicly say they are and you’ll find, “Miracle-Gro Breaks Into The Cannabis Industry With Black Magic“.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. “Black Magic” – that’s them. New Jersey already has a medical marijuana program in place. 

Vote Marijuana in South Dakota

South Dakota has both adult-use legalization and medical marijuana initiatives. That means that on November 4, South Dakotans could wake up to both medical and adult-use/recreation marijuana laws. 

Constitutional Amendment A legalizes the recreational use of marijuana for over 21 year olds.

South Dakota Initiated Measure 26, the Medical Marijuana Initiative, sets up a medical marijuana program in South Dakota that benefits patients of all ages. Allows for possession of 3 ounces and home cultivation.

South Dakota Marijuana has further information. 

Finishing Up

To get laws changed people have to vote. This November 3, or before if you can vote early, mark your ballot yes on these important marijuana measures. Online, in person, mail or drop off, if you live in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey or South Dakota, please vote marijuana.

People will be coming to your states, make them welcome with your Bud and Breakfast lodging and listing. Marijuana tourism and weed travel is wide-open. Be the first. Contact us today with any questions or reach out via on our social media accounts. 

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