Best cannabis strains for Sleep*

You’re looking for the best cannabis strains to put you to sleep and unfortunately, there are no “best strains”. Fortunately, there are thousands of strains for you to try and, we believe if you consume cannabis in a large enough amount, you will fall asleep.  Try this, if you live somewhere you can purchase items that say relaxing, arousing, for focus, energizing, we challenge you to purchase a product, hide the purported effects, give to a friend and then ask how they are feeling. You need sleep, a place to escape the world and turmoil, you need to plan a weekend getaway to relax, catch up on your sleep & puff, puff, pass.

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Best Sleepy Cannabis Strains

Whether the strains listed below are “the best” cannabis strains or not, Granddaddy Purps, OG Kush and Northern Lights come up over and over in online articles. These are classic strains, and while none of them are outrageously high in THC, they are great for ending the day. When you have the chance to try some of the old school, original strains, do.

1) Granddaddy Purple– “Granddaddy Purp” – Comes to you from Humboldt County, California and is a High Times Cup winner. Developed in the early nineties. Here is a good article to start with: Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP): A Strong Sleep-Aid 

2) OG Kush – Florida mixed with Amsterdam mixed with California and you’ve got OG Kush. Strains that have Kush in their names, will be known for relaxing, sleepy, and all around good feelings. Also developed in the early nineties.

3) Northern Lights – the oldest of these 3 strains, Northern Lights has been around since the mid-eighties and of these 3 strains has the most interesting background. “Like all legends, Northern Lights’ history is steeped in mystery. How it developed and where it originally came from are tales”, intrigued? Read more: Northern Lights: One of the Oldest Indica Legends.

Where to Sleep After Smoking Your Sleepy Strains

Head up Interstate 70, West, towards the Eisenhower Tunnel and on the left hand side, is Georgetown, get in the car and take some friends, this beautiful creekside chalet sleeps at least 4 and enjoy a long weekend. You won’t need a car to get around in Georgetown, small enough for walking, big enough for a dispensary. Vaporizer provided, smoking allowed inside and out. Cannabis welcome gift! Georgetown is in a good location, near everything but not crowded. Quiet. Good for sleeping, especially after any or all of the best cannabis strains for sleep. 

Chalet Georgetown Colorado Bud and Breakfast Cannabis strains Sleep rental

Tips for Sleep

Combine these with your edible and joint, these are tried and true ways to help you relax and fall asleep: warm shower, hot bath, no computer/tv screens before bed, tea, or try the 4-7-8 breathing method, it works.

*Disclaimer: no strain or herbal blend can guarantee sleep.


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