What’s Up With Weed Rentals During Covid? Can we book a trip? As an owner, what can I offer during these times to get more bookings? Travelers, what can you expect? The answers to these questions are complicated, but easy to implement. At Bud and Breakfast, we’re here to help you book your vacation and answer Covid questions.

Can We Book A 420-friendly Vacation Now?

The answer to this, is YES! Some listings are “high” lighting they are prepared for guests, are aware of, and adhering to, Covid rules and restrictions. Each state has different policies in place with hotspots popping up every day with Texas, Florida and Arizona current hot-spots, but by the time you read this, who knows? We know you are ready for a getaway with toking and smoking. And why. Cabin fever! Click through for CNN’s coverage on, “Do I have ‘cabin fever?’ What it is, how to ‘cure’ it“.

Here’s a listing, in Denver, Colorado, that is taking Covid precautions, it’s a 1908 bungalow/cottage, right in a busy foodie area (delivery!). There will be a welcome doobie waiting for you on your pillow and a bottle of wine. Hear from the owner: 

“To avoid cross-contamination between guests, I can provide coffee, individually packaged teas and oatmeals if desired. Let me know what you would like of those things and I will provide them.”

Bud and Breakfast 420 friendly vacation rentals marijuana

Book on, would be travelers on the hunt for some pot, book on. 

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Owner Tips For Covid

The following are tips for owners during Covid:

  1. Check your listing and post your Covid policies then spread the news across your social media platforms. Remind cannabis vacationers that you are there to answer their Covid questions. Familiarize yourself with cleaning policies and if necessary, adjust your availability calendar to reflect cleaning days between visitors.
  2. Update your photos. Nothing turns off visitors to websites more than fuzzy, pixelated, photos. Look at other listings for examples of both good and bad. People are visual and the better your photos are, the better your results will be.
  3. Update your listing. After posting your Covid policies, review and update your listing. What makes your place the most attractive to stoners and the cannabis curious? How close are you to dispensaries? Are the dispensaries offering pre-orders or delivery? Check and see if you have any reviews or comments to reply to and reach out to past guests for testimonials then post them. Good reviews are gold to the vacation planner and can make the difference between your listing renting or someone else’s. Extremely Satisfied guests will gladly leave reviews for you, if asked.
  4. People have been cooped up and hungry for weed getaways. Everyone wants to travel, even 20 miles away. Make your listing as attractive as possible.

Traveler Expectations

As a potential renter, what can you expect when you book a weed vacation during Covid? Building off the owner tips above, here’s some pointers:

  1. You can expect the owners Covid cancellation policy to be upfront and center. With today’s uncertainty, it’s crucial that you know what happens to your deposit if there is a sudden outbreak or you are unable to reach location.
  2. Expect the owner knows the most current Covid restrictions and policies. Has the place been throughly cleaned? When was the last guest? How is Covid affecting the local marijuana scene?
  3. The owner to know the current status of Covid in both their immediate location and state, providence or country.

Put a Mask On This

Looking for a fun party idea, for yourself and or others, that will make you feel better? And doesn’t involve masks at all? Do this: Go to the dispensary, purchase a lot of low strength edibles and pre-rolls. Buy what you want/need for these bizarre times, then make yourself a Covid piñata, fill it and smack this virus down! Hard. According to the New York Times, and us, it’s a guarenteed good time, especially enjoying your rewards. NYT doesn’t mention filling the piñata with pot, but what do they know? Here’s the article: Smash a Coronavirus Piñata. You’ll Feel Better



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    I am trying to find a place to book in either Rhode Island, CT New Hampshire or Maine that allows smoking in doors for August 7-9.

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    maine cottage getaways

    Hello, I just answered you for different dates. I am sorry the delayed response { A short time ago, I was hit by a car walking and did not know if I could get it ready?} I have a bad shoulder arm but I am working preparing it for you , if you prefer 7-9 or both , let me know… This area has places for spectaular vistas, fabulous mountain biking, walking or hiking, and of course all lake activities. I will try and send you video. My email is [email protected] !