When you think of Jamaica, what comes to mind? Ganja? How much you’d like to go on a Jamaican 420-friendly vacation where you could smoke weed whenever, wherever and as much as you want?  Bud and Breakfast is the one-stop stop for worldwide, exclusive 420-friendly vacations and rentals, and the easiest place to find and plan your weed travel and lodging. What are you waiting for?

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What To Expect At Your Rental

When you book your Jamaican 420-friendly vacation with us, you can expect your rental to allow, at the minimum, outside smoking and be safe and secure. With over 80 listings ranging from $2000 a night for this 6 bedroom villa in Montego Bay to $20 for a private room in Negril, there’s a place for you in Jamaica. For example, Coral Cove, has grows onsight with fresh flower, hash, and even concentrates and rigs. Guests have raved about quality & variety of weed grown on site as well as opportunities to work in garden, meet growers and tour outside private grows. Coral Cove has an all-inclusive option, with food ranging from fresh lobster, fish, goat curry and other Jamaican specialities. Also, the chef can and will prepare infused meals with advanced notice.

photo by sara conrad, jamaica, coral cove, bud and breakfast 420 friendly lodging

Ganja Exploring

Most hosts have knowledge of and can put together tours for you. Among the most popular are visiting Bob Marley’s village and grave, tours of private grows, trying different weed, visiting the edible stores and enjoying infused coconut milkshakes. Jamaican weed is legendary, go on a search for the best landrace. However, if you are thinking of renting a car, Jamaica is an island of varied terrain with very narrow roads, some of which are dirt and gravel and they drive on the left side of the road, it’s not that easy. Choose to combine activities that aren’t ganja related: lying on the beach, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, visiting some of the many waterfalls.

Photo Sara Conrad, Waterfalls, Jamaica, Bud and Breakfast 420 friendly lodging

Ganja in Jamaica

The word “ganja” has Hindu history and was probably brought to Jamaica via Indians brought to the island by the British as labourers. Already on the island as labourers (slaves) were Africans brought over from Africa and it’s believed the melding of the two cultures as well as the rise of Rastafarianism, gave rise to the use of “ganja”. Ganja was decriminalized in Jamaica in 2015 and the fine for over 28 grams is about $5. However, if you are a medical patient you are granted reciprocal rights and can go to any medical dispensary. We’re grateful for Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and others for singing the praises of ganja (Legalize It) and sharing their Rastafarian religion with us. 

Wrapping It Up

Here’s a few photos from Coral Cove featuring fresh lobster and drinking Red Stripe, smoking a nice joint for dessert looking out at sunset. Heaven. Most guests don’t want to leave, can’t wait to come back and many return year after year. Visiting Jamaica is like stepping back in time and outside of the big cities is where the real Jamaica is. Come for the weed, come for the music, come for the beautiful water. Jamaica is the perfect place to relax and a very 420-friendly vacation. Yeh, mon! 

Photo by sara conrad, coral cove, Jamaica, bud and breakfast, weed vacation


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