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Looking for stoner friendly lodging where you can light up? You’re at the right spot. All of our listings are stoner or enthusiast (pick your term) friendly. From Jamaica to Alaska, Spain to Germany, you can find them listed on Bud and Breakfast

Germany’s Stoner Friendly Lodging

Speaking of Germany, have you ever been? Maybe for Octoberfest? Is it on your bucket list of places and events to attend? Open to camping?

How about a stay at:  Munich’s All Inclusive Campsite – Come during Octoberfest or new, Springfest. Here’s how they describe it; 

The day starts off with a hot breakfast (and a beer if you can handle it) before you jump on the easily accessible public transport on our doorstep. Our guides will go with you to the Beer Halls to make sure you don’t get lost.

At the end of the day, arriving back at the campsite you can enjoy our yummy chef prepared dinner and join the fun at our campsite party with live DJ and good times galore, and then you can rest in your pre-erected tent which includes a mattress and sleeping bag And, as always, we have unlimited beer and sangria on offer for only 10 per day. You can also join us for Springfest in Munich! Same deal, but on a much smaller, more local scale with flowers and markets to add to the frivolity.

Oktoberfest 20th September – 8th October and Springfest from the 21st of April to the 8th of May.  Smoking allowed everywhere. Grab a bunch of friends and have a unique holiday. Look at their listing for more photos and information. Scratch this off your list, book today. 

munich, germany, camping, marijuana, 420 friendly

Famous Beer/Bier Halls/Halle ^^^


munich germany, weed, camping. cannabis


Bud and Breakfast features in two new articles. This one, from the The Real Deal, Chigago Real Estate news, “AirBNB for Marijuana Tourism Launches in Chicagoland”

“Bud and Breakfast CEO Sean Roby told the Sun-Times that his platform is intended to provide a “safe and legal haven” for traveling pot smokers who otherwise would have faced fines from lighting up in hotel rooms or tickets for getting high in public.”

This article from International Highlife of “The AirBNB of Weed Offers Stoner Friendly Lodging Around the World” was just published early February, 2020.

When it comes to breakfast and other amenities, Roby told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “for breakfast, to start, we’ve seen microdose-infused cannabis blueberry pancakes. I’ve seen cannabis hollandaise sauce. [For] dinner, top chefs are being flown in to cook.”

He added, “experience-wise, we’ve seen everything from CBD-infused massages [to a] person up in California [who] is now putting up a zip line where they can zip over their pinot noir grapes, their cabernet and then there’s some OG Kush and there’s some Super Silver Haze on the side. We’ve seen yoga classes where people are partaking of the herb and then doing yoga. We’ve seen ‘puff and paint’ classes. It inspires creativity for a lot of people.”

These articles cover Chicago and surrounding areas as well as mentioning our one listing (have a vacation spot or live in Mexico? List with us, people are looking), a yacht in Mexico. That’s right, a yacht Click through to see the photos.

All Inclusive Private Yacht – out of Quintana Roo, Cancun area, Mexico – Click Here for Photos

Whether you call it weed, pot, flower, medicine, cannabis, marijuana, all of our properties allow smoking either outside or in. Please browse through our listings. We have treehouses, condo’s, houses on the beach, individual rooms, all described on our site. Tell your friends, tell your relatives – come and stay or list on our site.

Valentine’s Day? Tomorrow?

We hope you have your Valentine’s Day lodging and green marijuana flowers ready. If not, take a quick glance at these articles for some sexy ideas,

Sex and Cannabis: 6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Intimacy – Ashely Manta, Leafly

This article from MG Magazine is very timely:

An Invitation to Intimacy: Unique Cannabis Products Worth Investigating” written by Abbie Rosner 

Valentine’s Day: 9 Cannabis Products for Lovers“, also seen on MG Magazine, written by Joanne Cachapero.

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