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The flowers that we start growing in May after April showers are, can you guess? Cannabis! Have you got your cannabis or hemp seeds planted? Are you allowed to grow cannabis outside, inside in your state? Would you like to vacation at a marijuana grow? Or a hemp farm? Be the first of your friends to vacation at a 420 friendly tourist rental that you found on Bud and Breakfast, and if you vacation in April and it showers, you’ll have so many flowers you may not care.


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Grow Listings


Here are three out of many listings you can find by searching on “grow”. First up, we have Colorado’s, Hygiene Herb Farm, where cannabis, as well as other herbs, are grown.HygieneHerbFarm Bud and Breakfast cannabis rental


One of our favorites in Oregon, 420 Treehouses, is a “legal medical marijuana grow site”. Plus, treehouses, doesn’t everybody love a good treehouse? Here’s a view of the “trees” (they grow them big in Oregon) from the treehouse. 

420treehouse bud and breakfast rental


And lastly one in Maine, the “Blue Dream Suite” of Maine Greenyards. 

“The house has large common areas where guests can relax, play games, socialize and enjoy free gifts of homegrown cannabis. We encourage our guests to partake wherever they are comfortable; in their room, our indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi, out on the patio or on a nature walk across the 16-acre estate. Out in the front yard feel free to observe our personal cannabis garden and look for our flock of free ranging chickens taken care of by our two cattle dogs, Crypto and Canna.”

Maine Greenyards Bud and Breakfast cannabis friendly rentals


Don’t Miss These

Listen in to our CEO, Sean Roby, as he talks cannabis tourism and Bud and Breakfast with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Read this Washington Post article about one of our newer listings in Washington, DC – **Just published** Monuments, museums, marijuana: Take a whiff of D.C.’s new pot-infused tourism A high escape in Washington, DC – 1 bedroom in the Brookland neighborhood of DC. 

high escape washington dc cannabis friendly bud and breakfast lodging



And lastly this fun post from the Dope Girls posted on “We’re Going on a Trip — Where are You Allowed to Get High on Vacation?”

Here’s Sean again:  

“Cannabis-friendly could be anything, really,” Roby says. “It’s a real wide spectrum, so we have places on our website that are 420-friendly where they’re fine with you smoking outside and there’s a dispensary around the corner to full-blown, all-inclusive bud and breakfasts where you get there and there’s a bud bar, there’s a cannabis yoga class happening, there’s a CBD-infused massage, there’s sushi- and joint-rolling classes. Right now there’s some people in Sonoma County and southern Mendocino that are putting in a zipline in their vineyard. You zipline over the Pinot Noir, and there’s the OG Kush and there’s the Cabernet Sauvignon, you know? People are really getting creative with this whole thing. It’s pretty cool.”


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