Be The First For _______

Bud and Breakfast is your source for all your cannabis vacations, New England (east coast) style or Hawaiian aloha style. Set yourself apart from people listing on that other short term rental site, and other states, and get in cannabis tourism now. With rental property listings across the US, Europe and Islands, we’re excited about all the changes happening and how fast things are moving. Give us a call or send an email, get in on the ground floor and list your property. Win-win is always the best solution, you win and your visitor wins when you both share common love of cannabis.

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Be The First Because _________

Money. In this Forbes article: Legal Cannabis Industry Poised For Big Growth, In North America And Around The World, we get these facts:

“The adult-use (recreational) market will cover 67% of the spending; medical marijuana will take up the remaining 33%.”

That’s a B for Billion. Get in now and be the first to offer your home, apartment, empty room, ranch, condo or RV to another cannabis enthusiast or patient. Not sure of the laws in your state? Weedmaps has all state regulations on their website Learn/Laws & Regulations, most states have at least decriminalized marijuana opening the way to your cannabis vacation.

Be The First To Offer _____________

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Here’s some suggestions from someone who used to live in beautiful New England:       

Leaf peeping

Sporting events – from college to professional

Historic tours


Mountains – hiking, skiing, boarding, etc, etc


Music festivals

Baseball, football, soccer

Activities – you name it and there is someone looking for you to offer it. Master’s swimming? In the area? How about Frisbee Golf? Mountain bike trails? Golf courses? Maple syrup? 

All of the above are great opportunities for you as a lister, to capitalize on the guests you want to attract. If you can handle a small group, there’s people looking for that, if you can offer complete cannabis set up from welcome joint to prepared infused meals, there are people that definitely want that. Take advantage of this new market and get in now, and if you need suggestions on how to list your property, give us a call or email.

Be The First ___________

To meet the Bud and Breakfast team at the 5th Annual NECANN – New England Cannabis Convention, in Boston, Massachusetts, March 22-24. Get your tickets and come visit us. Tip: whether it is your first cannabis convention or trade show, notice the mood of everyone. We are all so excited and happy about this industry, let us give you a warm welcome, too.


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