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Hi, welcome to Bud and Breakfast! You’ve heard of us, let us tell about us. Start by reading these latest articles featuring our cannabis friendly vacation listings!

  1. “Bud And Breakfast” Is (You Guessed It) A 420-Friendly AirBnB by Tanner Garrity. Hand selected international weed havens. Tanner would like to got to one of our locations in Uruguay. Good choice. It’s almost summer, and they have beaches.
  2. “Bud And Breakfast” Is The AirBNB Of Your Weed-Fueled Dreams by Zeynep Yenisay – on Maxim.com – Listings with photos! Get baked on weed with your buds!
  3. “Cannabis Tourism: Welcoming Travelers Behind The Redwood Curtain – by Nora Mounca. If you want to know more what’s going on in a world renowned growing location, Humboldt, Emerald Report has your info. Adventures await you, as 420-friendly tourism is picking up in a big way. Why not tour a outdoor cannabis farm ,with lunch provided, then end the day witha a stop at a dispensary. Does that sound perfect, or what? Are you California dreaming, if so, let us know, we’ve got listings for you.

All of our listings are cannabis friendly. Either smoking outside, inside, providing cannabis, lectures, cooking classes, glamping, camping, high-rise apartments and ranches. Knowing that you can go to one site, ours, and type in Portland, Oregon and find places to stay? In a city where anyone over 21 can walk in and purchase weed? What a time saver. Into exploring? Go to one of the Canary Islands, a very popular European vacation destination.

What do all these articles have in common, besides featuring Bud and Breakfast?

All the articles highlight how much public attitude is changing. Two years ago, only two, magazines and big press wouldn’t be talking about cannabis tourism, much less, even talking about marijuana and hemp. Cannabis is becoming normalized and weed tourism is taking off. At Bud and Breakfast, you don’t have to search and you don’t have to look any further, if your dream is to go on vacation, and get baked, with our help, we’ll find your pot place. If you’re seeing the potential and fun by listing, let’s talk.

Curious? Stop And Look Through Our Listings Here at BudandBreakfast.com  

T’was The Day After HalloWeed..

and all through the house, everyone felt great, because not one got drunk! Hopeful that dispensaries were offering half-off edibles like bags of candy at a grocery store but alas, at this moment in time, wishful thinking. Tip: If you are one of our listers, keep a bowl of candy out for your visitors. Hard candies are great for cotton mouth.

"bud and breakfast" 420 friendly vacation

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