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Will you be the first to stay at our special new listing? Stay radical with Radical Russ in beautiful, green, Portland, Oregon. Cannabis use inside the house encouraged!

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Russ Belville is known worldwide as Radical Russ. From working with NORML to his ongoing podcasts, Russ is and has been everywhere. You won’t meet or have the chance to meet someone with as much knowledge of cannabis as Russ. Let’s take a look at his listings…..

The property itself is the Delta-9 House and Studios, built in 2014, sparkling clean with latest amenities.

Delta-9? Is that a fraternity? Sorority? No! Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is THC. Clever name.

There Are Three Rooms Available. Ready For Their Names?

The Sativa room, the Indica room and the Hybrid room. All three rooms have queen size beds with option to add air mattresses.

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House Comes Complete With Dogs, Chickens And…Bunnies

This is the best part, in our opinion – Stay Radical and explore all that the house and the owners offer:

  • cannabis garden

  • organized tours and more

  • dab station and all necessary smoking and vaping tools

And Finally

  • BREAKFAST is included!

Here’s A Nice Bio About Russ: 

Russ Belville – or “Radical” Russ, as he is known online – hosts The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville, a live news and talk radio program for the cannabis community, Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific on  The show is based in Portland, Oregon, but Russ has traveled over 300,000 air miles in the past five years, bringing his show to report live from hundreds of cannabis conferences, marijuana expos, hemp festivals, and legalization events in over 70 North American cities.

With well over 4,000 hours of podcasts and 2,000 published articles reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners and readers, Russ Belville is one of the most recognizable voices in the marijuana media. Radical Russ is also one of America’s most trusted cannabis pundits, owing to thousands of hours of non-profit marijuana reform activism with NORML at the local, state, and national level, long before there was a legal cannabis industry.

He has reported live from every marijuana election since California’s Prop 19 in 2010, including the recent Marijuana Election Night 2016 telecast seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers nationwide. He reported live from the moment legalization began at midnight under the Space Needle in Seattle in 2012 and on the Burnside Bridge in Portland in 2015 (the so-called “Burnside Burn” smoke-out Russ organized that brought out thousands of people) and covered the first legal marijuana sales in those cities as well.

Russ has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, politicians, artists, scientists, athletes, doctors, patients, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs on all aspects of cannabis, including breaking the news of the first sitting US congressman to admit his use of medical marijuana. Russ has also testified for marijuana reform in the Oregon statehouse and debated national reform opponents. Russ’s investigation of misused county drug education money during Oregon’s legalization campaign in 2014 was instrumental in the canceling of half of a planned anti-legalization tour planned by a leading prohibitionist. Russ then went on to report from the remaining half of the tour dates.

When he isn’t covering the world of weed, Russ enjoys American football, playing his bass guitar, and watching and reading political satire.

And From Huffington Post:

With over 3,000 podcast hours and 400 published writing credits with, NORML, HIGH TIMES, Marijuana Politics, and more, Russ Belville is one of the leading experts on the emerging legal marijuana industry, the science of cannabis, and the community and culture around it. Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann says, “Nobody tells the history of marijuana and its prohibition like Russ Belville does.” NORML’s Dr. Mitch Earleywine says, “Russ Belville has his thumb on the pulse of marijuana reform.. the ideal “go to” guy for anybody interested in [cannabis].” Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, says, “I think Russ Belville is the best commentator out there regarding our movement, and all his writings are very, very good.” Russ is based in the United States and travels extensively, with the goal of performing and reporting from marijuana legalization events in all fifty states.

We’re waiting for someone to Stay Radical and then leave a review! What a great place to stay with breakfast, a virtual cannabis encylopedia in Russ, and tobacco free house.

Who Will Be Our Next New Listing?

You can be! We’re expanding like crazy with many new listings. We even have our first listings in Canada. If hemp or cannabis is legal in your state (looking at you Oklahoma) or country, start getting your rooms ready. List your property and accommodations on Bud and Breakfast today. Take advantage of the holidays coming up and market your property. Labor Day is a big cannabis holiday with people celebrating the end of summer with 420 friendly harvest parties and fall celebrations. Taking your teen or young adult to college? Planning on visiting for Parents Day? Find a Bud and Breakfast near you. If you’re marketing your place, capitalize on events in your city. Provide walking or jogging paths, and the nearest location to a dispensary. Get listing today!

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