Berlin’s Premier Travel Festival

Bud and Breakfast CEO, Sean Roby was invited to participate in the first Berlin Travel Festival. His topic? Canna-tourism! It’s a thing. As he says; “The two largest industries in the U.S. right now are the sharing economy and the cannabis industry. Bud and Breakfast sits at the apex of where these two industries intersect.”  The cannabis industry and the sharing economy. Bud and Breakfast helps you experience the cannabis vacation you have only dreamed about (smoke weed all day? Sure!). The owner shares their property with us, by listing it, which we can then share with you. Not just Colorado, but up and down the entire West Coast, into beautiful Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As well as worldwide, warm, sunny islands with listings.  We appreciated the opportunity to present at the Berlin Travel Festival and welcome any international visitors or listings. If you know of any, pass that along, please.

How has travel changed for you? Or are we stuck on, I can go to a Bud and Breakfast and smoke weed? Here’s what the founders of the Berlin Travel Festival have to say:

“Over the last decade, travel has changed dramatically. With a tap, we can connect to faraway places and people, images that awaken our wanderlust, as well as more information and options than ever. We’re a new generation of fashionable travelers and daring explorers with a unique set of habits, expectations, and destinations with big plans for the future. Packed with color, curiosities, and a commitment to achieving a better tomorrow, the Berlin Travel Festival was created with this new tribe in mind.”

About the Photo in the Background

You missed it? The background photo in the post above. The same one as this, for the PotLeaf Treehouse, a wonderfully, unique resort. Just outside of Seattle, escape to your own private treehouse.

PotLeaf treehouse mountain views retreat


Staying in a treehouse, does that bring back some childhood memories? Maybe of being out in the forest, listening to frogs and catching lightening bugs. That doesn’t interest me anymore, but staying in a custom designed treehouse, sitting outside and smoking a joint, looking at the stars? Heck, yes! Book a special weekend there for you an a friend.

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Look, and book, today. DO IT!

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