It’s Not too Late to Book your 420 Valentine’s Day Weekend or Month of Romance with Bud and Breakfast 

We have locations worldwide and throughout the United States. From our locations in Massachusetts to beautiful Southern California, in the United States, we have 420 vacation rentals for all. Take a look through our newly refreshed webpage now and check your first box off: you’ve booked your Bud and Breakfast weed friendly accommodations. We can recommend dispensaries that have the next item to check off as we are familiar with them. If not, please ask your host or hostess.

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Next on the list is: Flowers!

Make sure to pick up both green and red if you’re celebrating true love. There are vendors and tips in our previous blogs and we’re here here to guide you. Depending on the state you are in, dispensaries will be having sales, and events going on. From parties to boat excursions (no more booze cruise, it’s all buds cruises we’re looking for) cannabis is becoming more accepted. Check reviews and contact hosts if you have questions.

And the final one to check off is: Sensual Surprises

As more and more businesses enter both the cannabis and hemp industries (CBD is huge) more people are offering what more people are looking for – sensual products. A quick Google on “cannabis sensual products” returns over 10 pages of blog posts, reviews and businesses. We’ve seen reviews of both X-Rated products to CBD bath bombs. Women have been raving about Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elizabeth’s Whoopi and Maya products. Pick up some snacks, champagne, maybe some games and get your cannabis vacation at a marijuana friendly hotel!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Bud and Breakfast – stay high.

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