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This week’s blog features easy marketing tips for you to implement. Chose one to start with and then move through them all. We here at Bud and Breakfast want your customers to find you and book their cannabis stay with you.

Here are 5 easy marketing tips:

Photos, photos, photos: The quickest way to doll up your online presence is by using high quality photos. There is nothing that turns people off more than a poor photograph. Two of my favorite free sites to use for making backdrops and modifying photos are Canva and Stencil. Search out the most popular and used keywords for bed and breakfasts and cannabis and use them (but not too many at one time, it’s different for each platform).

Social Media and Online Presence: Facebook is your biggest opportunity to reach people who want to visit you. With over 1 billion users, you can reach them with a simple spend of $30 a month running Facebook ads and targeting people that are interested in a) your location and b) cannabis. Your second biggest social media presence should be on Instagram. Always take your posts on Instagram with #budandbreakfast, #cannabis and your location and state. Third, would be Pinterest. On your Facebook and Instagram, capture your audiences attention by asking questions, by posting different types of content – video is currently it. Currently you can sell on all those platforms.

Photo Sara Conrad for Bud and Breakfast 2017 Marketing Cannabis

Press: Contact your local and national newspaper and let them know you have a Bud and Breakfast. We’ve seen lots of press given lately to these stories. Let your NPR station know. Contact your local TV stations and promote your business as a local feature. Join the Chamber of Commerce.

Recommendations and Reviews: Make your listing as attractive as possible by not only using clear photos, but by using descriptive words about your rental. Do you offer a welcome joint or welcome basket? Can customers make pre-orders through you for special occasions? Do you have something unique to offer? Are you an expert on your city and state? On cannabis consumption? Write all that down and keep in mind to newbies, you are an expert. Welcome your guests. Look at what others have written to get some ideas. Try running through all the steps a potential customer would from reservation to arrival. Contact your quests after their stay or before they leave provide them with cards to leave their review. Post their review on all your social media sites and especially on your Bud and Breakfast listing. Contact us and request that we blog about your location. Use the blog to post on your webpage. Stay consistent with your message.

And the last one…

Springboard off nearby Events: Tie your posts into special events either where you live or close by or within reasonable driving distance. I.e. if going to a concert in Denver at Red Rocks, your location in Grand Junction (on the other side of the state) might not be the one to push. Have a weekend special for Labor Day, a Back to School special if you live in a University town, promote a special romantic getaway with opportunity for cannabis lovemaking products (see Foria, if you’re over 21). Update your website with local features and link to your property on Bud and Breakfast. Use sporting events as well. Any occasion is great for a visit to your Bud and Breakfast location, sell it!

If you need assistance or further ideas on how to market your location, please send us and email. We wish you the best in your continued marketing and presence on Bud and Breakfast. Cannabis, for the win in 2017!



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    I would like to block out December thru March on the calendar ( too cold and difficult accessibility) but don’t want to do it one day at a time. Is there a way? Thanks, Jane