Anyone out there that makes their own clones or has grown from clones? How many of you grow grass? Beautiful green grass growing outside in the sun. Or cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, depending on your name of choice.¬†Would you like to learn more about growing and see a garden? Bud and Breakfast has 420 friendly, cannabis provided, rentals in all our legal states – Where do you want to go today? Pick your state & look & book today. We recommend searching on “cannabis provided” and experimenting with the “distance” setting to narrow down or expand your search.

Let’s take a look at Mystic Roots Recreational Cannabis Ranch and Healing Center in Seaside, Oregon – Read how the owner describes the offerings and lodging:

Come stay at Mystic Roots Ranch and get the best of everything Oregon has to offer. We are located in the Clatsop State Forest on 5 acres of land, thirty minutes from the ocean and an hour from Portland and Astoria. Enjoy your own private bed/bathroom, back porch with a beautiful view, blackberry patch for picking, slack line, stand up paddle board, bike, fire pit, and a mile hike on-site. Extra camping spots available as well. Serene view and peaceful atmosphere great for the relaxing vacation. Reiki sessions and private yoga classes available upon appointment. Cannabis flower, extracts, and medibles available on-site as well.

Wow! We wouldn’t know what to try first, well…. actually, we do. The homegrown pot! What about you? Look at the listing, contact the owner and book a getaway weekend – by yourself or bring a group, there’s plenty of room.

For those of you who might not know what a “clone” is, it is a young cannabis plant that has been started from a mother plant (which was hopefully, started from seed). Here’s a photo of a few that this blogger is growing:

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Arbor Day – Plant a Tree

April 28 is Arbor Day! If you can’t plant a tree outside, grow one inside. Hemp plants make lovely house plants, I mean trees. Get some grass growing for Arbor Day.

ICYMI, we have a contest going on our Facebook page – right here – in Jamaica! Bud and Breakfast invites you to list your properties as well. Tell your friends and have them list as well. We’re adding more properties daily, internationally as well.

No “May” be about it, it’s time to book your canna-cation!




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