Don’t tell me you forgot this Sunday is Mother’s Day? Eye-roll. Lucky for you it’s not too late to find a weekend rental or overnight cannabis friendly lodging. Scroll through our listings, then stop, read and book them. How about this listing in Denver that features “fresh eggs daily“. From high to low, near and far, Bud and Breakfast has 420 friendly vacation rentals for you with new ones being added daily. Stop by often!

Marijuana Themed Mother’s Day Ideas

Does this sound like something your mom would like? I know I would! Start with a lightly medicated brunch with CBD tea, followed by your choice of yoga, painting, crafting, ending the day at the spa with massages. If you’re in a legal state, make mom a medicated Mother’s Day gift basket with bath bombs, THC lotions and patches for sore knees and shoulders. Include a cannabis cookbook and a sampling of several edibles, including cannabis or hemp coffee. Surprise her with her own plant and gift her a clone! If she’s a gardener, you grow them just like tomatoes. Make it a contest the whole family can join in, who can grow the biggest plant. Lastly get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers from the nearest dispensary and enjoy them with her, because after all, that’s what moms want the most, time with their children.

Bud and Breakfast has locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine and many more US states as well as Europe and the Caribbean. In fact, it’s almost easier to say where we don’t have listings! Tell your friends or add yours today.



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