Colorado’s own Bud and Breakfast! Ok, we made the category up, but we’re sure if, and when, an award show for cannabis entrepreneurs and cannabis friendly accommodations launches, Bud and Breakfast will be a winner. Categories could include: most environmentally conscious, ganjapreneur of the year, non-profit of the year, cannabiz of the year, invention of the year and others. One of these days the cannabis community will have its own Oscars, count on it, and get your green-carpet outfit ready. Extra points if it’s made out of hemp.

Here’s a smoking, tokin’, bong ripping, dabbing game idea for your Academy Award watching:

Every time you pick the winner of the category – one hit
Every time someone mispronounces a name (looking at you John Travolta) – one hit
Every time you spot a vape pen in the audience – one hit
Every time someone mentions politics – one hit (might want to take small hits for this one or you’ll be couch-locked & asleep in no time)
Every time someone swears – one hit
Every time someone mentions weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis or makes a joke about it = BONUS – double hit

If you’re in mood for attending the real awards, Bud and Breakfast currently has locations directly in Hollywood and surrounding areas. It’s not too late to get a good spot to watch the celebrities arrive. Click here to look and book!

As February comes to a close, we want to know, did any of you get any of these flowers for Valentine’s? At Bud and Breakfast, we’ll take cannabis over chocolate and roses any day. No calories and the flowers last longer!

Valentines Day Cannabis Travel Chocolates

Coming up soon: look for St. Patrick’s Day celebration suggestions (the smoking of the green!), information about the 46th Annual Hash Bash in Michigan, new press from the sold-out Wedding Expo, and more! As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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