No matter where or how you chose to spend our favorite holiday of the year, Bud and Breakfast has 4/20 vacation rentals for you! Book now as spots are filling up fast and we don’t want you to miss your dream 4/20 vacation Bud and Breakfast lodging. Here are some of our favorite places to celebrate the holiday:

1) Colorado – Whether you’d like to celebrate in our capital of Denver, on the ski slopes of Aspen or while visiting your college age children at University of Colorado or Colorado State University, Bud and Breakfast has you covered. How about taking a week and sampling several of our locations? Use this link to explore all our Colorado offerings.

2) California – With Amendment 64 newly passed and in the books, California is ready to party! The hardest part is going to be deciding where – northern California around Humboldt, one of the many camping spots along Rt 1 in Big Sur although with all the rain they are getting, maybe Tahoe instead, the beaches in southern Cali, or (my favorite) the hot, dry weather of Palm Springs. We have Bud and Breakfast locations throughout California for all budgets.

3) Jamaica – Escape the cold and head to Jamaica, birthplace of Bob Marley and some of the best landrace strains. Our customers have been raving about their vacations in Jamaica, you can read their reviews here. Come to Jamaica, get your Rastafarian on, smoke some cannabis and tour the grows. Our rentals have been vetted and verified for your safety and pleasure. Montego Bay and Negril are waiting for you, can you hear them calling to you? Cannabis and crystal clear water to play in, what could be better?

Bud and Breakfast Jamaica
Jamaica Bud and Breakfast 4/20 cannabis travel vacation

4) Uruguay – For those of you interested in emerging markets and being the first to visit, we’ve recently added vacation spots in Uruguay. Visit the first country to fully legalize cannabis and catch the beginning of the industry while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Bonus: April is the start of their fall and the ocean water is the warmest.

5) Your Choice – Bud and Breakfast has vacation rentals around the world, where would you like to spend your 4/20 holiday? At a big gathering ala High Time Cannabis Cup? A music festival like Coachella? With family and friends at an all-inclusive in Jamaica? Or maybe doing yoga and meditation in Boulder, Colorado? Whether you are looking for an active vacation with biking, skiing, and climbing or a more relaxed, weekend getaway, we invite you to explore our locations and contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you book the perfect location for 4/20.

Make sure to check back here often. We are adding new locations all the time and growing like a weed. Everyday is 4/20 and 4:20 here at Bud and Breakfast. Join us!

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