This Valentine’s Day give your loved one longer lasting flowers than roses (some say, better smelling, too). Cannabis flowers in any form, are perfect for couples to share and enjoy together. Book your lovers’ weekend get away today at Bud and .

If you’re an active couple, sativa’s tend to give people more energy, use that energy on outdoor activities from hiking, skiing, rock-climbing, fishing, scuba diving – your choice. It’s always the right time for a good sativa. Inside? Hit up laser tag, Go-Kart, old school arcades, darts, and disco-bowling is especially fun after a few green bowls.

How about booking one of our luxury accommodations and scheduling a nice cannabis infused couples massage? Imagine this – just staying inside, hunkered down and warm with your choice of cannabis. You’ll find products ranging from bath salts, candles, to sensual lotions. Beach vacation? Move the couples massage outside, add a light breeze and sungrown cannabis, infused meals and sunsets. Tres romantic! Try a hybrid strain for relaxation without falling asleep.

You could visit an art gallery, tour a dispensary or grow, see some live music and dance, or smuggle an edible into a movie and giggle. Remember how much fun it was to lay a “Wild Card plus 4” down in Uno? Or playing some strip poker? Have a game night! Even more fun after some cannabis.

From hot tubs and bong rips to champagne, fluffy white spa robes, vaporizers and room service, however and wherever you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, Bud and Breakfast has a location perfect for you.

Make your reservation today for a weekend, mid-week, or longer stay at one of our many locations and start planning your cannabis friendly, love filled, Valentine’s Day getaway today. Be sure to ask your host for recommendations and leave a review as well.

Whether it’s alone, with a special loved one, your parents, grandparents or children – love is green on February fourteen!

How are you planning on spending your Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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