This week our cannabis-friendly travel location of the week is Jamaica.

JAhouseja is a cozy house located close to the beach. If you are looking for an alternative scene, then this is the place for you as it boasts an eclectic neighborhood that is packed with artists, musicians, fishermen etc.

There is plenty to do here too. If you like the water sports then you can enjoy all that the beach has to offer including snorkeling and surfing. Other activities to choose from include mountain biking, hiking, fishing, walking in the wilderness, and whitewater rafting.

If the quiet life is more your style then relaxing is available too. You can chill on the sand, or you can venture out to watch live show spots — the accommodation is in walking distance same as the shops and restaurants. Devon house ice cream and fried chicken!!!
For the weed connoisseur, you will find the best from bull bay grown in the hills. Cannabis tours are available to suit your personality.

Citizens living in Jamaica are allowed to cultivate and consume cannabis if they like. The only rule here is that the number of plants they are growing does not exceed five and the company you keep while consuming it is restricted to friends and family. This means that while you are staying a person’s home, you are considered a friend, and therefore you can safely consume cannabis while you are there.

At Bud and Breakfast we love to support hosts who understand the benefit of cannabis and who are open to helping others seek the therapeutic value of weed when they travel. Especially if you are a medical marijuana patient, you need to go to places where you can use your prescription to keep your body and mind healthy.

If you are looking to go on a holiday or vacation where you can consume cannabis without hassle and in the privacy of a private house, then Bud and Breakfast has the accommodations that you want. Our hosts are very happy to look after you and are people who understand the benefits of weed.

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