We all know who Rickard Branson is. But did you know that he is an advocate for the legalization of cannabis? Yes, he recently spoke about marijuana legalization to an audience of cannabis advocates. So what did the renowned billionaire have to say?

tech entrepreneur Branson confided to a room packed with cannabis advocates that he may sometimes be in the moods to take a spliff, and the the rest of the world is ready and waiting to take some tokes also. There were around 1000 people in the audience at the New West Summit conference in San Francisco which was held in late October.

The Virgin Group founder was not in physical presence however. The talk was given via Skype. Branson is a proclaimed cannabis supporter who advocates for decriminalization of drugs as well as worldwide marijuana legalization. Branson has served on the Global Commission for Drug policy for the last five years.

The fact that someone like Richard Branson is getting involved shows just how big the cannabis industry is getting. Especially since Branson is such a respected entrepreneur and business person, his presence and support for the cannabis industry goes a long way. Branson has also said that if he was not on the global commission to legalize drugs, he would be investing in the cannabis industry. That alone is sparking interest from other investors who might not have looked to the cannabis industry yet.

We love that marijuana legalization is so well supported by people such as Branson. At Bud and Breakfast, we take leisure and cannabis seriously. We want you to have an affordable, fun and relaxing experience when you embark on weed travel. Visit our site to find out more about accommodations for marijuana travel.

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