Our weed vacation of the week this week is a shaman getaway!

Looking for a little bit of a different experience?

This may be the marijuana vacation for you! Located in Oak Park, this centrally located accommodation has everything that you will need to make your stay interesting!

Oak Park is a village in Illinois that is close to the city of Chicago. There is an active art community due to the fact that Oak Park is so close to the big city. There you will find plenty to do in terms of dance, shows, theater and fine arts. There is also boutique shopping and many thriving restaurants. At certain times of the year Oak Park is known for hosting festivals and celebrations at holiday times.

Message from the hosts:

Your host is a lawyer and your hostess a Tantra Artist and the creator of your sacred celebratory space to learn, experience and heal with our community’s various Cannabis products. Our little cozy spot is located in the center of what we call here the ‘Green Mile” as there are 30 or 40 dispensary’s within 25 miles and our local leaders have pulled funds from drug related efforts This community is progressive and friendly, diverse and full of artsy people of all ages! You will love it here after one toke of our finest for sure!

About Bud and Breakfast

We are a cannabis-friendly accommodations website where you can find your dream weed vacation. All of our hosts are people who believe in the healing benefits of cannabis and are welcoming you into their homes. As cannabis is now legal for recreational purposes in many states in America, there is a growing demand for places where people can stay and also enjoy weed while they are on vacation. Bud and Breakfast matches weed-happy hosts with marijuana-seeking travelers.

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