Ever thought of Turkey as a cannabis travel destination?

While recreational cannabis is not legal in Turkey, last month steps were taken to show a more tolerant approach to marijuana growing.

According to new regulations by The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkey has recently made it legal to produce cannabis in 19 provinces. They have done this in a bid to crack down on the illegal production that is currently considered a problem by Turkish officials.

The Official Gazette wrote at the end of September, 2016, “Hemp Cultivation and Control of Regulations” will mean that highly-controlled and ministry-sanctioned marijuana production is possible in the selected provinces. It also stated that this is for scientific and medical purposes only.

Growers have to gain permission from the government that means they can plant and grow cannabis for three years. In order to do this, the growers have to prove that they have not been participating in any illegal cannabis growing or other activity. They must have a clean and clear record in terms of drugs.

This will also mean that military officials will monitor the fields before the harvest season so that they can check for any suspicious or illegal activity. Growers have to dispose of all parts of the cannabis plants after harvest so that they cannot be used for any illegal purposes.

So will you be planning a vacation in Turkey anytime soon? Not likely in the near future, as recreational use of cannabis is still illegal in Turkey and you can face up to two years in prison if you are caught with it. However, things may be headed in the right direction.

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