Halloween? Hallo-Weed travel!

Halloween is around the corner, and we think that this is the perfect holiday to have a little bit of marijuana halloween fun around.

Hallo-Weed Travel

The first thing that you need to do is find and book your cannabis-friendly vacation. You can look at accommodations in places like Boulder, Denver, Washington, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and many many more weed travel destinations on the Bud and Breakfast cannabis accommodation site. This is just like AirBnB for weed travelers. The hosts that you will be staying with welcome people who appreciate weed, and some hosts will even provide you with a cannabis starter kit to welcome you when you stay with them!


The second thing that you need to to is find your perfect Hallo-Weed costume. We love these Hallo-Weed costume ideas from Leafy. They range from easy to assemble — like the Agent Orange one — to slightly more involved. We think that you’ll look great in the Super Lemon Haze costume!

Haunted House

No Halloween is complete without a haunted house visit, and that includes your Hallo-Weed! You can find haunted houses in Denver, Seattle, Portland, LA, and you know that no matter where you book your cannabis-friendly vacation with Bud and Breakfast, there is sure to be a haunted house nearby at Halloween time.

Sort Your Strains

Now that you have the costume, the accommodation, the haunted house booked, you can look into some super creepy marijuana strains. Depending on your mood, you can find the perfect strain to suit you. If you need your spirits lifted, then look for a more activating strain. If you want something that will chill you out a little after that scary haunted house visit, then maybe look for a more claiming strain. Marijuana is not a one-size fits all, and it doesn’t have to be as in states where weed is legal, you can enquire at your local dispensary about strains that are right for you.

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