A cool article in Business Insider looked at the most popular weed-related Google search terms to find out what people really want to know about weed. According to the article, people in America are searching questions about cannabis more than ever before as interest in the medical and recreational aspect of pot increases.

We think this is a great thing, and we have also noticed that we are getting many more searches for cannabis accommodations and places to go on vacation that allow you to smoke weed also.

Areas where cannabis interest is highest:

The areas where cannabis interest is highest are Colorado, Washington, Maine, and Alaska which makes sense as these are the places in which cannabis is legal for recreational purposes. However, Eureka in California is also one that comes out with a high search presence when metro areas are looked at.

Vape Pens are in vogue!

Search terms that are on the rise include “dabs weed,” “vape pen,” and “dry herb vaporizer” which are all emerging and increasingly popular product categories. Another search term of interest is “cannabis tampons,” which are a product reported to help with menstrual cramps in women.

Why is weed called 420?

This is one of the Google searches that has stood the test of time as people have been asking this question for decades. It all comes back to a group of high-school friends who called themselves “the Waldos” because they used to meet after school at 4:20 to smoke weed. The kids were also into the Grateful Dead, and the term 420 began to spread to the bands groupies. It even appeared on a Grateful Dead flyer.

Where to find cannabis-friendly accommodation?

This is the search term that most often gets people to the Bud and Breakfast site. We know that people interested in weed want to be able to stay in private accommodation where they can legally smoke or consume cannabis. If you want to find a 420-friendly accommodation, take a look at the listings on the Bud and Breakfast site!

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