Medical Marijuana Sales Boom in Germany

Medical Marijuana sales have really boomed in Germany recently. In fact, the purchase of legally-bought marijuana chronically ill patients has doubled. German politicians hope to legalize more general medical marijuana usage by 2017 due to the increasing demand of cannabis for chronically ill people.

In the past year or so, cannabis rules have changed in Germany. Until June 2015, 33.8kg of the drug could be bought by people with serious illnesses. More recently, however, this has grown to be 61.8kg.

The Federal Ministry of Health has said in a statement that it is now legal for chronically ill patients to make use of larger amounts of medical marijuana. Cannabis for recreational purposes remains illegal in Germany at the moment despite considerable protests from German citizens who believe that they should be allowed to use marijuana as they like.

A handful of people in Germany mostly people with terminal cancer are allowed to smoke weed. In 2015 this was only 382 people, and that is in a country of 80 million residents. This is despite a poll by infratest dimap that showed 80 percent of Germans thought that cannabis should be made legal for medical purposes.

Bud and Breakfast supports responsible use of cannabis and is in favor of marijuana being used as a medicinal supplement for people who are in pain or discomfort due to illness. We hope that Germany will catch up with some of the areas of the United States and make cannabis legal for both recreational and medical purposes.

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