The Republican National Convention was held last week, and it turns out that Republicans aren’t as against marijuana legalization as we might have assumed them to be. Reports from a survey have shown that Republicans are marginally in favor of the concept of making pot legal. The poll took place over a couple of days and surveyed about 1000 US citizens,

Before you get too excited, it has to be noted that this was only a really very narrow win for cannabis, and a large number of Republicans are still very against the idea of weed being legal for either recreational or medical use. That said, this narrow margin is still an increase in the tolerance shown by Republicans to weed use, and we can probably assume that it will get more so in years to come. Start the ball rolling and all that!

The survey showed that 55 percent of all Americans think that cannabis should be legalized. Of Republicans, 45 percent think that pot should be legal as opposed to 42 percent who don’t — so just a three percent margin in there, but in December only 36 percent were in favor, so in the space of just over six months that’s an incredibly positive increase!

The poll also found that Republicans still believe that cannabis is a “gateway drug.” This is despite the ever-growing body of evidence that this is not the case, and that people who consume cannabis are no more likely to go on to consume other types of drugs. Forty-three percent of Republicans think that cannabis is a gateway drug.

YouGov pollster Peter Moore says that the shift represents not a change in Republicans attitudes towards weed, but actually a change in their attitudes towards law enforcement.

Whatever the reason, we can only see increased tolerance towards the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes as a good thing. As more states in American support cannabis legalization, there is more opportunity for the growing cannabis industry in terms of production and distribution, but also as we are seeing in terms of the leisure industry.

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