Traveling with medical marijuana is a tricky subject, and one that you should think about before you make any moves.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you may at some point want to travel with your prescription of cannabis. If you need to travel outside of your home state, then you will have to take some steps to make sure that you operate within the law of the state to which you are traveling.

It’s all about federal law versus state law again. This is the biggest debate surrounding the use of cannabis at the moment. As more and more states legalize medical marijuana and recreational weed too, there is more contention about the federal law that says that weed is still illegal.

According to federal law, you cannot under any circumstances fly with cannabis. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient or whatever. No.  The answer is still no if you are flying within a state in which cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational purposes. Whatever the circumstance here, as far as federal law is concerned, traveling with medical marijuana via airplane is illegal.

Traveling with medical marijuana via airplane can get you arrested. You could even be detained in jail for a year and fined.

There are different laws for different states if you are traveling within the state that you live and if medical marijuana is legal in that state. It is important that you do your homework here before you go.

Flying internationally with cannabis is another strict NO.

If you are traveling to a place where marijuana is legal, then your safest bet is to wait until you are there to purchase some. Only buy as much as you are going to use, and then you won’t need to worry about trying to travel with weed when you return home either. It’s a bit the same as food. Buy the food that you need in the place that you are staying, but don’t travel with it as it probably won’t do too well!

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