Jamaica is a cool place — nobody can deny that. When marijuana travel accommodates visitors as soon as they get off the plane, however, it takes cool up a notch!

Medical cannabis is legal in Jamaica, but it may soon be easier than ever to get your medical cannabis card. The Cannabis Licensing Agency that is newly established in Jamaica has put forward a proposal that would allow weed travelers to pick up a card at the airport from a cannabis kiosk.

The chairman of the CLA, Hyacinth Lightbourne says that the idea is that you come out of the airport and grab your card from a kiosk as you leave. That means that any person who has cleared immigration can pick up a card and get going with great ease.

It was only in February that Jamaica granted legal use of medical marijuana. It has also allowed use for scientific and religious purposes. Adults with the required documentation are able to carry up to two ounces of weed for their own consumption. Bud and Breakfast has a number of marijuana-friendly properties in Jamaica for anyone who is interested in weed travel and visiting this colorful and fun country.

If the proposed system were to go ahead it would mean that people arriving in the country would be able to self-declare a requirement for medical marijuana and therefore be granted the papers that they need to register for the country’s medical program.

Individuals trained in medical weed-related care would man the kiosks, and they would also need to be trained on the country’s regulatory policies so that they could offer weed travelers advice on entering the country and consuming marijuana legally.

The idea is proposed but has yet to be made standard. After the success seen in Colorado in the past year in regards to tax revenue from recreational marijuana use as well as medical, other countries are looking to the potential that legalizing cannabis could have.

There is a very fast emerging weed tourism market and the possibilities are endless in terms of where the cannabis industry can go. Make the most of the new opportunities by taking yourself and some friends to some new places and trying out the cannabis scene. You can look for places to stay on Bud and Breakfast’s cannabis accommodation website.

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