Just when you thought that cannabis could not get more useful, this happens: marijuana treats for your pooch so that when the fireworks get going this July 4th you can help him stay chilled.

It sounds like a chill pill for pups—and that’s about the size of it!

July 4th is a celebratory weekend where we all enjoy grilling with friends. The celebrations traditionally involve fireworks, which on the most part are enjoyed by all. Everyone, that is, apart from your dog. Dogs are known to dislike fireworks, and for some dogs July 4th is the worst night of the year.

Some pets find the noise to be highly stressful. When this happens, owners get stressed out too. Lots of dog owners choose to stay home with their pets on July 4th because they know that the evening will bring a lot of anxiety to their animal when the bangs and pops start.Marijuana Treats

Introducing a solution: cannabis oil, specially designed to help dogs chill out when the fireworks come. There are also dog treats that have the tincture inside them so that they can be fed just the way any dog treat would be. The oil is CBD infused, but is not the same as giving your dog cannabis.

And no, Fido will not get stoned from this stuff—that’s not what it does. CBD is a cannabinoid that this taken from the hemp plant and it has proven to be a great tool for anyone who has a dog that suffers from anxiety.

For some dog owners, the 4th of July is a bit dreaded as they know that their pets will be very stressed out and there is not much that they can do about it. That’s all changed now that the marijuana treats have been developed to keep dogs chilled out.

It might be a good idea to talk to your vet before you give your dogs anything that is out of the usual for them. It is also good to remember that vets do prescribe narcotics for animals to keep them stress-free. There are other options such as putting your pets in a room with white noise in so that they cannot hear the fireworks.

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