This week, a glorious villa in Italy is our weed travel destination of the week. It’s exotic, it’s sunny, it’s warm, … it’s Italy!

Bud and Breakfast Il Gelso is a delightful villa in the Salento countryside. It is run and operated by Massimo and Roberto who take great care to ensure that guests have a wonderful holiday and are a pair with an open and very friendly attitude.

Massimo and Roberto want you to come and stay, and they want everyone to come and stay! “Everybody is welcome, no sexual, political, racial, religious distinctions are made” is what they write on the listing.  Smoking is allowed outside of the building on the patios.

Pets are welcome in the property, provided they are well behaved in this six bedroom property that easily sleeps 12 people.

The location is Menteroni di Lecce—a southern Italian town with around 14,000 inhabitants. The villas and mansions that the region’s aristocratic families build in the countryside around of Monteroni di Lecce since the 15th century.

The weather is usually a nice 70 degrees in the summer, and there are so many beautiful buildings to see and culture to explore. There are hundreds of delightful Italian restaurants offering everything from exquisite seafood to hand crafted pizzas and breads.

In the evening you can wine and dine and then watch a show, or look arond the various arts offerings that the city has to offer. The name of the game is exploring and discovering the way that the culture of this European city operates.

As with any place that you travel too on a weed vaction, be sure to check beforehand to see if marijuana is legal or not in the area in which you are dtaying. While pot is legal in many American states now, it still remains illegal in a number of other countries. When you embark on weed travel, but mindful of the rules set by your country of destination.

You can see more properties in Italy, Europe, and America on Bud and Breakfast’s website. 

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