Legal cannabis sales are soon to be managed by Microsoft as announced last week by the multinational technology company. Microsoft also announced that they have teamed up with a California-based marijuana-industry startup and that this marks the very first relationship of this sort. The startup is called KIND financial and it has been going a couple of years with a mission to help people in the marijuana industry to make safe transactions and that sales are secure the whole way through.

Microsoft own a platform called Azure, and KIND Financial will be soon using this to help their clients work out the regulations that apply to legal cannabis sales. It will also allow them to better monitor the sales that they make and all the stages of each transaction.

“I am delighted that Microsoft supports KIND’s mission to build the backbone for cannabis compliance.” – CEO and financial founder of KIND Financials, David Dinenburg said in a statement.

The news comes as the cannabis industry shows great promise in the states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Colorado has been under scrutiny, and so far there have been minimal negative effects due to the legalization of weed. That comes with a large number of very positive effects including great profits and tax revenue.

This is great news for the legal cannabis industry as it shows that cannabis financials are moving forward.

This really has been a big week for the cannabis industry. The Cannabis World Congress conference in New York was full of marijuana business owners from all sectors. Then the news that a tech giant such as Microsoft is supporting the cannabis industry in this way was like the icing on the cake!

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