In November, Jim McAlpine–founder of Bay Area-based—and Heisman Trophy winner and NFL standout Ricky Williams are opening the world’s first cannabis-friendly gym–where you can consume cannabis while you work out.

Here’s that again: You will be able to consume marijuana while you are working out.

The idea started when McAlpine realized how well skiing and cannabis go together and decided that he wanted to project that feeling into the gym environment.

The name? Power Plant Fitness!

Power Plant Fitness will be a 6,000 square-foot gym in the heart of San Francisco but it is not intended to be a place where people just get stoned and mess about. Nope, these are a couple of top athletes, and they want their gym to showcase sport and fitness as well as healthy consumption of marijuana. That’s why they’ll be performance testing members to make sure that everyone is training well and in top health.

It is the performance test that will allow the trainers in the gym to assess where you are at, what you need to so and how cannabis can help you get to the peak of your fitness level.

The gym will also be launching a line of edibles designed to be consumed in the gym.

What’s the catch?

You have to have a doctor’s note if you want to get in! Medicinal marijuana is legal in many states in America now, so because McAlpine and Williams want to franchise Power Plant Fitness, it makes sense to go for this market. They’re going all out, and quite rightly so; it’s time we toss old stereotypes out the window. San Francisco’s the perfect place to get started.

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    Antonio DeRose

    The 420 Games is such a great cause, and we’re so excited to be completing the entire 420 Games 2017 Tour and more, to demonstrate positive marijuana use! Can’t wait to visit Power Plant Fitness!