420 destination of the week: Kergil, India

This charming one-bed apartment is our 420 destination of the week this week because it is somewhere really very different: India. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the city of Kargil, this accommodation is actually just one room out of a potential 15 bedrooms that the host has to offer.

Local attractions includes fishing, fly fishing, hiking, kayaking, looking around museums, shopping in the local town, whitewater rafting, exploring in the wilderness, and looking at the local wildlife.

Kargil is the second biggest town in Ladakh and used to be known as Purig. The city is situated along the river Suru. Jammu and Kashmir is in Northern India and has an international border with China.

Know the facts about cannabis in India. Cannabis is illegal in India by law except in government authorized shops that sell Bhang—which refers to either the ground cannabis balls or the drink made when it is mixed with milk. You can only buy Bhang in shops that are registered with the government.

Bhang is of the cannabis indica family, so it has a lower THC content in general than the cannabis sativa variety that is more commonly consumed via smoking. Bhang is also often seen as a sleep inducer, and is even used as an appetite enhancer in the form of an appetizer more often than it is used as a recreational drug.

Cannabis laws are subject to change, so we recommend that you make sure you are aware or current local laws by doing your research before you embark on weed travel.

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