Marijuana Rentals in Colorado and Where to Eat

So you have decided to look into Marijuana rentals in Colorado because you know that weed is legal there for both medical and recreational use. You’ve decided that you would like to travel to a state where marijuana is legal for your next vacation. You might have already checked out some of the dispensaries, but what about the restaurant scene?

Here are just a few of the highly rated options for food in the Boulder/ Denver area:

Park Burger in Denver

Burgers, burgers, and really great burgers! Park Burger’s menu is bound to have something to send  your tastebuds wild. Vegetarian? No problem! The Veggie Park Burger is just as good, if not better, than the meat version. This is the perfect munchie-satisfying pit-stop for your Denver marijuana rental tour.

Jax Fish House in Boulder and Denver

Jax is the place to go if you are looking for some tasty seafood. There is a restaurant in Boulder and Denver, so regardless of where your cannabis-friendly hotel is situated, you can count of being close to a Jax.

Oak in Boulder

The lunchtime menu at Oak in Boulder is particularly enticing due to the high quality ingredients used, the creativity of those who make the food, and the lower price point as compared to the evening service. Visit Oak when you are looking for something a little more like fine dining, but without the wallet damage.

Another reason that you want to book a marijuana rental in the Rocky Mountain area might be because you know that the mountains offer a plethora of fun activities. Just some of the things that you can do in the state of Colorado include skiing, snowboarding, rafting, mountain biking and road biking, hiking, climbing, camping—and the list goes on.

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