Due to the restrictions that have recently been placed on cannabis growers in Southern Oregon, they have been organizing rallies and protests. Many growers say that the limitations that have been placed on them recently are a step too far, and they believe them to be unfair and unjust.  These proposals have been put forward by the Jackson County Panning Commission and it is said that they make life difficult for anyone who is looking to try and get a foot in the door with the very lucrative cannabis market.

The bigger point with most growers, is that the new restrictions limit them to the point where they cannot provide their medical marijuana patient customers with the supply that they where able to previously. This looks like a reduction in supply, but the demand is still high.

The regulations, among other things, demand that growers have expensive surveillance systems in operation—something which poses too great a financial burden on most growers. They also have to have eight-foot-tall fences on their properties (which would require building permits).

For these reasons, growers of medical marijuana have been showing up to protest, and they have been joined by other cannabis enthusiasts who want to lend a hand to the presence.

Support Oregon Cannabis Growers

Groups such as A Right to Grow have been pushing back against the changes and urging growers to stand up for themselves and their trade. They have a Change.org site up and are explaining why the petition is needed. So far, they have 1434 supporters and only need 66 more votes to reach their goal of 1500 signatures.

A Right to Grow states that the excessive regulations are forcing growers out, and that Oregon stands to lose up to 85 percent of the growers that currently operate unless these rules are taken down a notch.

By supporting A Right to Grow, we hope that we can make a better and more fair environment for cannabis growers. As we see how the marijuana scene is blooming since weed was made legal in many states, it is essential that growers are able to operate to the level of demand.

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