Cannahoney is totally a thing

Cannabis and honey have a lot on common. They are both very natural products, they are both produced with minimal human intervention, and they both have incredible health benefits. Well, a 39-year-old French man by the name of Nicholas has become somewhat of a legend among both beekeepers and cannabis growers for working out how to combine the two products.

Yes, cannabis plus honey equals cannahoney.

Nicholas, who likes to be known as Nicholas Trainer-Bees has finally pulled off what many people have talked about or tried to do. In addition to being a beekeeper, Nicholas is a locksmith and an artist. He is also an avid supporter of marijuana and the cannabis industry. It has taken him a few years to work out exactly how his love of cannabis and his passion for bees can be combined.

By training his bees to gather resin from cannabis plants, Nicolas has been able to help them to produce cannabis honey. Nicolas has previously trained his bees to collect sugar from fruits as opposed to the flowers that they would usually go to, so training them onto cannabis resin was the next step. It is this training technique that has allowed the world’s first hot of cannahoney to grace a kitchen table.

Not many people have had a chance to taste this new cannahoney product yet, as it is such a new thing, but Nicholas says that there will be a number of the health benefits of cannabis that will be present in the honey—or at least he hopes.

Nicholas’s person journey with cannabis started when he began to understand that medicinal marijuana would help him with his tendency to be hyperactive. As a child he had problems controlling his energy levels in school and finally dropped out.

And in case you are wondering, the bees are not affected by the cannabinoids in the resin that they are consuming. This is because bees, unlike humans, do not have an endocannabinoid system.

What’s really special about this project, is that it will inspire bee keeping as a hobby. This is a huge benefit for the environment as the bee population is essential and has been declining all over the world.

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