With Valentine’s Day here already, have you got your 420 vacation planned? If you are wanting to go above and beyond the traditional card and chocolates this year, but are lacking inspiration as to what to do for your special one, we’ve got an idea for you: a cannabis heaven holiday!

Bud and Breakfast has thousands of listings that will appeal to you whatever your personal preferences and tastes are. We have everything from inner-city accommodations to out-in-the-mountains marijuana-laced retreats. We picked our top 420 vacation location this week, however, because we think it is one of the most romantic places to stay.

Valentine’s 420 Holiday: La Secreta

This accommodation was designed with relaxation in mind, and you’ll see why! Located in Oceania de Polonio, this home is surrounded by woodland and is just a couple of blocks from the beach.  The owners claim that the coastal area is practically untouched by humans.

If surfing is your gig, your’ll find a perfect spot to hit up some waves close by. Or, relax on the deck in one of the house’s hammocks. Inside the house you’ll find a large dining area with huge glass windows that allow for an expanse of natural light.  420 holiday

For colder times of year, there is a fireplace—perfect for snuggles or curling up with a big mug of hot cocoa. You can smoke cannabis outside on the deck.

Other attractions include hiking, biking, fishing and fly fishing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, as well as wildlife viewing.

The owners of the house work hard to preserve the natural surrounding, and so there is a request that guests also honor nature. Because of this, the location is perfect if you want to get away from it all for a weekend. You can take a long walk in nature and be undisturbed as you watch the wildlife and observe the beauty.

Be sure to book in advance if you are interested in gifting a romantic retreat to a loved one, as this location is sure to get booked up. But don’t worry, this is just one of the many 420 holiday retreats that are available on Bud and Breakfast. 

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