A Bob Marley poster is present in just about any stoner’s den. Since he died in 1981, Marley’s image has remained popular in the marijuana scene. Maybe he has even gained status. The reggae star is hard to dislike, and he brings with him an air of chill and acceptance. A good image to have around.

Maybe that is why Bob Marley’s family have partnered up with a marijuana-orientated private equity firm. They aim to funnel some of that good vibe association into a higher-end lifestyle brand, and they even have a name for it: Marley Natural.

Cedella Marley, daughter of Bob Marley, says that she feels fortunate to be alive in such times of positive change, and that her dad would be happy to see that so many people are now able to benefit from the healing properties of cannabis. She is referring, of course, to the more recent alterations in the laws surrounding marijuana consumption in many states in America.

So what’s Marley Natural got to offer?

Cannabis oils, smokable and edible marijuana, items to aid cannabis preparation and storage, body products and more. Initially, the consumable products will only be available in California, but it is hoped that the brand will grow to other states where marijuana is legal later on. Other, non-consumable items should be available later this year.

The private equity firm that have joined forces with the Marley family to produce Marley Natural estimate that $600 million worth of hemp-based products are sold every year. The firm, Privateer Holdings, says that these products are mostly imported from Canada, China, and Germany.

Marley Natural doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into the stoner image. They are working hard to push past that stereotype and towards a more sophisticated image. Their imagery and brand is certainly pleasing to the eye and display worthy. The brand even has a magazine in which stories about Bob Marley will sit alongside cannabis-related ideas, such as juicing and other recipes.

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