Looking for a different sort of vacation in 2016? How about you check out marijuana travel with Bud and Breakfast. Listings include accommodations from all over the states, but today we are going to pair the perfect Victorian getaway in the mountians with a minty cannabis-infused mojito!

Remember that you can always make this minty drink without the rum too, and just enjoy the cannabis-infusion without the alcohol.

Cannabis-infused Mojito

You’ll need:

8 sprigs of mint

Soda water

4 limes

4 tablespoons sugar

2 fluid ounces rum

Hash oil


Mix your desired amount of hash oil with the rum.

In a blender, blend the cannabis-infused rum, lime juice, and sugar.

Add half a liter of soda water.

Mash a couple sprigs of mint in the bottom of four glasses. Fill each glass with some crushed ice and pour your mojito over. Enjoy!

Marijuana Travel: Manitou Springsmarijuana travel

This 1899 Victorian era house sits in a tranquil neighborhood that is walking distance from a unique collection of shops and restaurants. The small mountain town offers beauty and sophistication. The house offers a wrap-around porch, plenty of access to wildlife and period decor.

The house accommodates up to nine 420 travelers, so you can certainly bring your friends to stay in the foothills of Pikes Peak. For the more adventurous among you, the home is located less than ten minutes from numerous hiking and biking trails including Barr trail, Red Rocks park, The Manitou Incline, Garden of the Gods, Pike National Forest and much more.

Nearby attractions include fly fishing, cycling, hiking, swimming, watching the wilderness and all the things that you could expect in a mountain setting. There are also shows,¬†museums and shopping centers nearby for those of you who want to stay indoors and relax. Whatever your pleasure, your’ll find something to entertain you in Manitou Springs.

Plus, with all that glorious deck, you’ve got plenty of space to sit outside and enjoy your Minty Mountain Mojito!

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