How does a walk-to-the-slopes apartment sound? Bud and Breakfast has many slope-side cannabis vacation properties listed that you can take your pick from. You’ll love the fact that if you visit Colorado for your ski or snowboarding holiday this winter, you’ll be able to enjoy a different style of apres ski.

We’ve put together cosy ski properties with an even warmer wintertime cannabis-infused beverage for you to consider.

Featured Cannabis Vacation Property: Vail Resort

Walking distance from Vail resort, this cosy apartment is the wintertime dream. Not only is this a prime location for mountain fun, but it is a 420 happy household. Marijuana is welcome inside the apartment, and the free shuttle bus into Vail means that nobody has to drive. Cannabis Vacation

Amenities include a kitchen, TV and internet, breakfast and complimentary toiletries. Outside of the apartment (and remember, smoking is allowed inside, so you might not ever leave!) you can enjoy all that Vail has to offer. Skiing and snowboarding of course, but how about snowshoeing or a visit to Copper mountain?

Vail is not only a destination for the winter cannabis vacation. Summertime activities include fishing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, or simply spending some quiet time in the wildlife.

Features Cannabis-Infused Refreshment: Almond Heaven

You’ll need:Cannabis Vacation

– a couple of grams of cannabis- ground.

– 1/4 cup of Hershey’s chocolate syrup

– 7 fluid ounces of coconut cream

– 1 pint of Almond Milk

– Optional: Amaretto, Baileys or Kahula


Wrap the cannabis in some cheesecloth, tie it closed and then put the bundle in the coconut cream. Cook the cream slowly on a low heat for 2 hours or longer. Remove the cannabis and discard.

Allow the coconut cannabis cream to cool, and then combine it with the rest of the ingredients. Shake it all up in a shaker and pour over ice.

Optional: add whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Enjoy (we know that you will!)

Doesn’t that sound like mountainside bliss? You can find more Vail cannabis-friendly accommodations on Bud and Breakfast. 

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