So you’re interested in a cannabis vacation, but there is so much choice out there! We’re giving you a starting point with some ideas as to how to style your weed travel. If you want to visit Jamaica, how about really adopting the Jamaican spirit too! Literally.

Let’s raise a glass to the fact that cannabis is now legal in a number of American states, and that there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy consuming it. Here is one of our favorite recipes for cannabis-inspired beverages—and the perfect place to enjoy it with Bud and Breakfast!

Go Jamaican! Rum and Weed Recipe:

NomNom. Sweet and boozy!

– Hash oil (as much as you need, but go easy!)

– 2 fluid ounces of your favorite dark rum

– 1 fluid ounce of Amaretto

– 4 fluid ounces of Coconut Water.


Mix the cannabis oil in with the rum. You can then combine everything in a shaker and throw it around until it is good and mixed up. Strain and pour over some ice. Enjoy!

Retreat to Jamaica with Bujamd and Breakfast

The perfect place to enjoy that rum beverage: lounging by the pool in this five star retreat in Runway Bay on the North Coast of Jamaica. Not only is cannabis provided by the hosts, but you have access to a natural hot springs, a pool, and many other amenities to make your stay as blissful as can be.

Other attractions include nearby casinos, caverns to explore, fishing and swimming, as well as things such as whitewater rafting for the more adventurers weed traveler.

The villa offers a totally exclusive experience, so you’ll not have to share with other people and can enjoy the tranquility and privacy of having the place to yourself.

Included in the price is your own private chef and experienced staff who will cater to your needs as you relax and unwind. The four bedroom accommodation sleeps up to ten people—so invite your friends!

Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect Jamaican getaway?

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