If you’re looking for cannabis friendly accommodations, chances are you’re either concerned about the stigma still surrounding it (in some states), potential legal issues, or maybe you just value your privacy and want to avoid causing problems.
Whatever your reasons may be, they’re all legitimate.
Have you ever considered how a vaporizer might benefit you?
Aside from it being one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis, there’s plenty of other perks to using a vaporizer.
Most notably, the lack of smell. Vaporizers still produce a notable odor, but it’s almost always far less noticeable compared to smoking. If you want to keep your cannabis use to yourself while say, taking a stroll down by the beach for example, a vaporizer can certainly help with that.
And because vaporizers don’t actually burn your material, there’s no flame or ash involved.
As you’re probably aware, many rental properties don’t allow their guests to smoke indoors. Can you blame them? With the potential risks of starting a fire or causing smoke damage, setting off smoke alarms and more, it’s understandable.
Even cannabis friendly landlords are bound to appreciate your use of a vaporizer.
And that’s just a couple examples of how a vaporizer can prove to be a valuable asset in your travels.
For more examples, this infographic designed by thaVapeShop.com (an online vape shop), discusses the subject further with plenty of references, and shows you some of the top reasons to choose vaporizing over smoking.

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