The Cannabist Awards recognize businesses that are doing well in the localColorado CannabisColorado Cannabis scene. The first annual awards covered businesses in the cannabis and hemp industries in 2015. We hope that this will be the first of many such ceremonies of public recognition for individuals and businesses that are making waves in the new and exciting cannabis industry. Colorado, being one of the first states to legalize recreational weed use, is suited to be the first of such an award event.

You can see the full list of winners on Cannabist, but we’ll give you the roundup. Remember, if you are visiting a marijuana-friendly rental in Colorado, you can check some of these businesses out on your 420 travels.

Cannabis and Hemp Colorado Awards

Winner of the Branding and Marketing Award: O.pen Vape

O.pen Vape, as you might have guessed, manufactures all sorts of vaporizers, pens and pipes. They are colorful and playful by design, and very creative.

Winner of the Breakthrough Product Award: iBake

iBake doesn’t sell cannabis, but it does offer events where consumers can gather and enjoy weed together, legally!

Winner of the Community Involvement Award: Denver Relief

A very patient-focused dispensary offering medical treatment via marijuana.

Winner of the Eco-Friendly Award: The Growing Kitchen

Leading maker of edibles and natural marijuana-based medicine.

Winner of the Hemp Forward Award: The Colorado Hemp Company

Showcasing hemp as a sustainable commodity in Colorado. Founded in early 2012, The Colorado Hemp Company has been a leading advocate for hemp farming, processing, innovation, education, and most importantly, legalization in the USA.

Winner of the Innovation Award: Surna

Cultivation technology that aspires to make the cannabis industry more intelligent and efficient.

Winner of the Medical Advancement Award: Mary’s Medicinals

Offering people suffering from chronic pain a natural and healing alternative. Mary’s was inspired by apothecary and generations of natural healers. Mary was indeed the developer of the award-winning Transdermal Cannabis Patch and the company now successfully combines technology and horticulture.

Winner of the Public Education Award: The “Good to Know” campaign by CDPHE

Providing cannabis-related education in order to help people consume responsibly. You’ll find information on how to smoke, and where to use cannabis (i.e. not in public spaces). The site also gives rules on age and legal implications of misuse. The nice thing about this informational site, however, and what makes it stand apart, is the friendly design.

Winner of the Technology Award: Tradiv

B2B marketplace for cannabis cultivators and all marijuana wholesalers.

Awards are important because they help build competition and set the standard for excellence in any given category. From medical marijuana to trinkets and pipes, there is officially now an award category for just about anything cannabis related—and this really is just the beginning!

Congratulations to all the winning businesses and the individuals behind them. We look forward to seeing what you all get up to in 2015. As the Colorado Cannabis scene evolves month by month, Bud and Breakfast are proud to offer accommodations that allow 420 travelers to experience all that the Rocky Mountain State has to offer.

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