New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! And 2016 is already looking promising for the cannabis industry.

As we previously reported on Bud and Breakfast, the Santee Sioux tribe in South Dakota plan on opening the nations first ever marijuana resort. The tribe have revealed that the resort, which will be located on its reservation in South Dakota, will open on New Years Eve with a launch party.

The idea behind the experiment, is that the marijuana resort will offer the tribe with a potential revenue opportunity. Until now, the Santee Sioux tribe have focused on managing casinos in order to make money. They hope that branching out into cannabis will be lucrative—with the surge in the cannabis industry as a result of the number of states that have made recreational weed legal, this is a pretty sound bet.

The tribe’s president, Anthony Reider, says that the plan is that the marijuana resort will operated like an adult’s playground. He says that there is currently nothing of the sort in America, and this is why they believe that they are onto a top money-spinning idea.

The Santee Sioux tribe intend on growing cannabis and then harvesting it in order to offer it for sale in a smoking lounge. In this lounge, there is also a nightclub, a bar, food available, and arcade games. In the future, the tribe intend on adding an outdoor music venue and slot machines too.

Now that really does sound like an adult playground, doesn’t it?

Not only does the tribe already know a thing or two about music venues and casinos, but they are now going to put all these things together and make weed a big part of the fun. South Dakota, anyone?

But this is no game. The tribe reckon that their marijuana resort will generate in the region of $2 million a month in profit. The New Year’s Eve party next week will be the kickoff for the offering of cannabis cigarettes, which will go on sale for the first time that night.

Cannabis only became legal on the Santee Sioux land this June, so the marijuana resort idea has not taken long for the tribe to conjure up and set in motion.

This is certainly going to be a new offering for the cannabis scene in America, as even in states such as Colorado where weed is legal, it is not allowed to be consumed in public places. Activists in states like Colorado have been trying to get these rules changed, and it might be that the marijuana resort offering will help ease that along when it is shown how much revenue such a place can generate.

The tribe intend to use the profits that they make to fund an addiction treatment center and more housing.

Bud and Breakfast wish all our customers a Happy New Year! If you feel inspired to seek out a marijuana-friendly rental to see in the New Year with some weed, be sure to check out our listings. We bet that our hosts would love to have you!

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