Now that it is becoming progressively accepted that marijuana is a thing that marijuana-friendly rentals a) is legal in many states, and b) is not quite as harmful as the population has been lead to believe, there are all sorts of things popping into the industry that simply weren’t there before. Bud and Breakfast and marijuana-friendly rentals are one of those things. But there is more!

Marijuana is now decriminalized or totally legal in 27 states in America. In some areas—such as the District of Columbia—cannabis couture is really beginning to show off.

We’re talking t-shirts, posh and blingly humidifiers, state-of-the-art vaporizers, artistically spun glass pipes and even hemp purses.

Where to find this sort of cannabis-related accessory? Esty has lit up with the stuff. Vendors explain that the modern cannabis consumer is a tad more sophisticated than stoner of yesteryear might of been. There is also the idea that making beautiful and modern-looking accessories with a weed twist will help to reduce the stigma attached to marijuana. Or, more to the point, the public perception held as to who the marijuana consumer of today is, and what his or her tastes are.

Take for example, this pretty little cannabis leafbracelet bracelet sold by KnotTreasures on Esty. The bracelet is made with hemp fibre and has a sweet little cannabis leaf charm attached.

Colorado lovers (and who isn’t) can show that they are into the local cannabis scene with a Colorado Cannabis bangle that is made in Aurora.

The bangles are also magnetic. Made from Neodymiun magnets—which are apparently rare earth magnets that have been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. The claim is that magnetic therapy is good for aiding healing in the body because the magnetic field assists and accelerates the normal healing processes that happen naturally. The vendor claims that the value of this is pain relief and also that the magnets promote good circulation. Positive vibes abound and custom options are available. That’s a hell of a lot in one bracelet!

It looks like Etsy is blowing up with cannabis-related gifts this Christmas. According to some of the reviews on the site, customers are picking out all sorts of cannabis couture to give as gifts for loved ones and friends. There is, of course, the option to give weed as a gift to yourself if you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. If you do not, maybe you should consider buying an experience for someone this Christmas instead, and book a marijuana-friendly rentals via Bud and Breakfast!

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